Pixi by Petra LipLift Max REVIEW

Hello beauties,

Last month Pixi sent us a Pr box full with good things to commemorate their 20 anniversary! #20anniversary

In this box we found a product that I was curious to try, first because I heard good things about it and second because it’s not available in our country, Portugal.

Honestly, we don’t have Pixi’s makeup line in Portugal, only the skincare line and it’’s not even the entire collection.
I was pretty excited to try the LipLift Max!

Pixi LipfLift Max in Petal Ice

If you don’t know, the LipLift Max is a Glossy lip plumper that promises volume to the lips but also treatment. All because of its list of ingredients, like peptides that hydrate, firm and plump. Aloe calms, jojoba moisturizes and chamomile soothes.

‘Line filing, super hydrating gloss – I love this solo or on top of any lip color’.

 Petra (mom & makeup artist)

As always, the packaging is lovely, it comes on a plastic tube (that far away looks like glass) with an applicator that is common to glossy products. I really like the applicator, it’s precise and perfect to reach the corner of the mouth.


The cooling effect that I feel every time I apply this gloss is very pleasant, I don’t feel any tingling sensation that normally this kind of products make, but I do feel the mint in it.

The scent is also really good and I always find myself smelling it with a smiling face.
It’s a gloss, so it’s normal that is a little bit sticky, but it’s not the worst, I can use it with my hair free and it doesn’t attract the hair like other glosses.

Pixi LipfLift Max in Petal Ice

Now about the plumping effect that it promises. I didn’t notice a big difference! I notice that my lips look a little more colored and the fact that this is a gloss creates the illusion of fuller lips.

It is the perfect product for those who don’t like plumping lipgloss that hurt and give an exaggerated effect on the lips.
Do you want a good gloss that it’s not too sticky and smells good? Then this is for you!

Now, the price. It’s a little pricey for the quantity (0.09 oz/2.7g) compared to other plumping glosses.


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