Why you should celebrate the Carnaval in Portugal

Hello beauties,

Today we bring you a different type of post.

Trying to decide what we should do about Carnaval, it came to our minds, why not talk about the best Carnaval in Portugal and give you some reasons to come to Portugal to celebrate this holiday.

Portugal doesn’t need a presentation, we think that everyone already knows Portugal (or should) and appreciate what it has best. Food, sun, the people and so much more, but Carnaval in Portugal is not something that is known enough internationally.

In this post, we are going to show you where we think are the best places in Portugal to visit. And we want already to say sorry to the other places, but this is the one we know and think that is really good and different if it makes you happy the Carnaval of my city is not mentioned.

Let’s start without a particular order…

Torres Vedras

Probably the more known place to celebrate Carnaval in Portugal. A lot of people gather in the street to see the festivities. Some people dress up and dance until the music is over. This carnival remains true to traditions and processions are always seen on television, as they are unique and always with great imagination.



Many people swear that this is where it is the best processions. We cannot say that for sure but if you want to eat in good restaurants and enjoy a good day at the beach, this place is for you.



Loulé is another place with a lot of Carnaval festivities! Expect a lot of os people with masks and a lot of laughs and good vibes.



Well, who doesn’t want to know where Cristiano Ronald born? Madeira is an Island with true beauty and although is very small, you have a lot to see! Carnaval in Madeira is full of traditions and colors. And this year you can count on good weather which will help everything.



If you are not a party person, then rest because we will also show you quiet places that you can visit this holiday by yourself or with family.

Land Vineyards, Montemor-o-Novo


Landscape, wine, and spa! This modern luxury hotel has everything if you want to rest.


The Yeatman Hotel, Vila Nova de Gaia


Look at this view! Who doesn’t want to wake up to this? Great grilled fish and expansive views across the Douro are the best ways to describe this place.


Martinhal Resorts, Cascais


This family-friendly hotel is perfect for those that love a quiet place and good place to take beautiful pictures! How pretty is this place?? You can also enjoy Martinhal Resorts in Sagres (great if you love beatch!).

Tróia Residence, Tróia


I can guarantee that this is one of the best places if you want a quiet place to rest. You will have stunning views and you will definitely enjoy the sun and the beach this place has to offer. Tróia is one of the favorite places of Christian Louboutin, I think this says all.

This post is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links.


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