How I control my Adult Acne

Hello beauties,

Today I’m going to talk about a very researched subject that gave me a lot of headaches: adult acne.
As a teenager my friends always told me how beautiful and clean my skin was, except for an occasional pimple (usually monthly) and blackheads on the nose, my skin never gave me any trouble. I admit that at that time my skincare consisted through the occasional moisturizing cream (usually an anti-aging cream from my mother) and the cleansing was done in the shower every day but without a specific product.

However, when I entered to the university, the stress and the quality of the food made me appear more pimples (checks and forehead), which I was controlling with a specific cream for acne. The blackheads have always been constant but nothing exaggerated. Then the university ended and that’s when I started using a lot of creams, I admit that my skin care has increased 100% by that time and maybe, now I see that, the excess of creams and the constant change may have contributed to the increase of  breakouts. Despite everything, I have always managed to control them.

Last year the story changed. Breaksouts began to appear in the neck / chin area with cysts, scars and the skin texture looked more like a reptile than a human. It was horrible. I never had any problems with self-esteem, but I admit that I avoided looking at my skin in the mirror and didn’t left my house without foundation. My cheeks and forehead were clean and the problem remained in the chin / neck area.

After some changes in skincare and food I started to notice differences, I admit it took some time (more than five months), but today my skin texture is completely changed for the better and I only have the occasional (monthly) pimple and two or three scars that as time goes by are less visible. The blackheads on the nose are reduced by 50% and those that remain are already considered like family (I know I will never get rid of them 100%).

Because I know that many woman and man have this problema, I decided to share with you all what I’ve been using for the past few months and how it helped (and still helps) to overcome the my Adult Acne.

Food Changes

  1. Bread! I lve bread and I still eat bread but I don’t eat it everyday like I did. I only eat it three/four days a week and it’s a quality bread.
  2. Cereals. This will make me look like a rich person, but I’m not. But I noticed that when I eat cereals from certain brands My skin has more probability of develop breakouts. Nowadays I only eat cereals from Nestle and Kellogs.
  3. Lactose. I have lactose intolerance, so I only drink soja milk as soja iogurts, but I still eat cheese. But today I only eat cheese without lactose and I noticed a difference.
  4. Fruits. I always ate fruits, but I started to eat even more fruits.
  5. Water. yes, I admit that I was never the better when it comes to drink water but I’m trying to drink more everyday.

Skincare Changes

  • My cleansing routine is very simple and I will make a post talking about it with more details. I clean my skin every day, even when I don’t use makeup. I use every single day a foaming cream to clean my skin but if I have makeup, before the foaming cream I use an oil makeup remover.
What I use: YVES ROCHER Purecalmille Oil | La Roche Posay Effaclar Deep Cleansing foaming cream
  • Purifying mask once or twice a week
  • Exfoliation once a week
What I use: NEUTROGENA Purifying boost Express Facial clay-mask | FRANK BODY A-Beauty Scrub (I know that this is a body scrub but I use it on my face and it’s amazing, great to remove scars).
  • I reduced the number of creams that I was using to half. Today my skincare routine is very simple and I admit that I’m always afraid to change it.
What I use: Morning VICHY Normaderm Phytosolution Double Correction daily cream + LA ROCHE POSAY Toleriane Ultra Fluide + VICHY Slow Age Eyes | Night– YVES ROCHER Wrinkles & Firmeness Eyes and Lips + LA ROCHE POSAY Effaclar Duo(+) + LA ROCHE POSAY Toleriane Ultra Cream

(Attencion!!! – There are two differente formulations in La Roche Posay Toleriane line. You want the one that has Squalene on the ingrediente list!!! This is important! The other formulation is not good for people with acne prone-skin!!)

  • Sometimes I like to introduce a new cream but I always start to use it only 1-2 a week, until I see if is not causing any problems on skin.
  • I use a hydrating mask once a week or a richer cream once a week at night.
  • Time for the skin to breathe. I try to only use foundation two to three times a week.
  • Like foundation, I make sure that once or twice a week I don’t use creams at night.

These are the products that I use and I like them so much that I have a mini stock in my home. I wish I had a photo of my skin from last year so you could see the differences.

Hopefully this can help someone.

Let me know in the comments what do you use or if you have any secret to help with Adult Acne.

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