Hello beauties,

When we started this blog, we made it with the main objective of sharing our opinions on beauty products that we tried (or wanted to try). We always try to be positive in our comments as in life in general.

Lately, we have been incorporating different posts so that they are not just product reviews and today we are going to move further away from the beauty subject – because we are going to talk about a subject that concerns us as human beings, but also as health workers.

Yes, we are going to talk about Covid-19.

As you probably know by now, we are two Portuguese girls and we also are pharmaceuticals. We have a risky profession, as it is one of the fronts of possible contact with patients.

Fortunately, some containment measures were taken in Portugal – schools were closed and students are quarantined at home, parents of students under the age of 12 have justified absences, but unfortunately, there are still many measures to be taken, our borders are still open, there is not any type of verification of temperature on passengers and most Portugueses have not yet understood what we are experiencing, or rather what we are going to experience because here the numbers have not yet reached their peak.

But our goal is not to talk about what’s wrong in Portugal (so many things, sorry, but we have to say this), because we don’t want to introduce politics on our blog, but rather to make everyone aware and ask them to follow all precautions so they don’t get the virus and even worse, no pass it on to your children, parents, and grandparents.

There are basic measures that everyone can take to help prevent the propagation of the virus, here they are:

  • Clean your hands frequently with soap and water for 30 seconds. If available you can also use an alcohol solution.
  • Don’t touch your face with your hands with unwashed hands;
  • Cough to the elbow not to the air or hands;
  • Avoid physical contact;
  • Stay as most possible at home;
  • Follow the rules that your country says;
  • If you have any symptoms like fever, cough and/or difficulty to breathe don’t go to the hospital, stay isolated from other people and call the health number (in Portugal is SNS24).

We want to end this post in the same way as we started, in a positive way, and wish to tell you that we will make the most of our time and write as many posts as we can. We hope to see you here and that our posts about less worrying things in life will cheer you up and give you strength at this time. You can count on us to distract you!

If you want please let us know what measures are taken in your country and tell us everything or ask us anything you want to know.

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