Yves Rocher New Lip balms! REVIEW

Hello beauties,

If you are a fan of Yves Rocher products like us, then you know all about their moisturizing lip balms. In addition to having a very nice price, they are probably one of the best products to use daily on the lips.

Well, this month Yves Rocher, changed the packaging and added two new balms to the family – blackberry and mango!


In total there are six lipsticks to choose from Karite, Vanilla, Mango, Coconut, Blackberry, and Raspberry.


Let me be direct and say that if you have very chapped lips and in the very bad condition these lipsticks are not enough, but if you want protection and lipstick to use every day to prevent your lips from becoming dry, then I strongly advise you these.

Now that I’ve talked about the important part, I’m going to talk about the superficial part. The scent of these lipsticks are so yummy, I want to eat them! Maybe that’s why they added an image that forbids their ingestion ahah


The packaging is made from plastic and it’s not the best quality but after checking the brand’s website I learned that they are using reducing consumption of non-renewable resources by reducing the weight of packaging and incorporating recycled raw materials.

Overall it’s very appealing and will brighten up any bag. They remind me of good weather and summer times, and that’s exactly what we need with everything we are living.

Another thing that I like about these, is the fact that they are very natural (Yves Rocher select raw materials of plant origin, such as waxes, oils, butter, and resins, use cultivated plants and have easily biodegradable formulas), which means that they don’t have a very long shelf life. I also like how conditioned my lips to stay without leaving them oily/sticky, and where some balms tend to give me some itching in my throat, these balms do not!


I’ve been using the new two ‘scented balms’ and if I had to choose only one, it would be the blackberry, only because I don’t like the Mango color on me. But in terms of efficacy they are exactly the same.

I like to forget that I have lipstick on my lips, and that happens with these. A big plus for me.

If you need more reasons to try these, then I have the pleasure to tell you that this brand 100% do not or promote animal tests nor on the ingredients they contain!

This post is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link.


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