Yves Rocher l’anti cernes. New Concealer! REVIEW

Hello beauties,

With everything that is going on, it is increasingly difficult to get new products to try. Fortunately, I was able to get my hands on Yves Rocher’s new illuminating concealer. Available in 15 colors (with Rose, Beige, Doré and Brun sub-tones) and with a fluid texture, the new concealer can be used to disguise dark circles, scars, and imperfections.


Enriched with cellular water from ‘Chorão das praias’, known for its soothing properties, this corrector promises a natural look and a luminous finish.

I got it in beige 100, the lightest of the beiges. I usually go more to the pinky tones, I think it works better with my dark circles. So it was not a surprise when the first time I applied this color I found it too yellow for me, but after some blending, I noticed a huge difference.

Beige 100

Look at the photos and tell me I’m not crazy, you can see a big difference, don’t you think?


I am very happy with the performance of this concealer, I think it has a lot of coverage, which I didn’t expect because the texture is very fluid. Do I notice the illuminating power? Yes, I do.

The price is also very nice and although it doesn’t bring as much product as the last correctors tend to bring, I am not mad about it.


If I had to point a disadvantage of this product, I would have two: 1) the fact that the product becomes a little dry if you try to build more than one layer. You need to moisturize your skin well, use an eye cream and then apply the concealer, you don’t need a lot like I said it has really good coverage. 2) I not a fan of the packaging quality, the cap seems to never be completely closed (which makes me nervous) but Yves Rocher usually corrects these problems when making packaging changes (that happens frequently), so I’m positive they will change this.

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