White Clothes | In or out?

Hello beauties,

A total white look, what do you think?

Some people love it, others hate it.

I remember being in school dressed all in white and being asked if I was going to sell ice cream! Silly thing, right? In Portugal that was what was said when you saw someone totally dressed in white. Who has not heard that a person of a certain age should not wear an all-white look? Or that it doesn’t look good if your body is a little bigger? Well, I say this is all bull****!

Since some influencers started to incorporate the total white look in their daily lives, it has become fashionable. I think that nowadays, wearing only white in a look is considered a clean look and I bet that if everybody have the confidence necessary, they will turn a lot of heads!

Well, with that said, last week I went to some clothing stores and I really noticed that the white look is here to stay, since the shop windows show several pieces of this color.

And the store where I see it the most is Zara, ta store that I love and it was not a surprise that I had to enter and try some pieces. Unfortunately, my phone didn’t work (well let’s say I forgot that a batery doesn’t last forever) and I was only able to take two photos of what I tried. But I saw many pieces that interested me and I am writing this post to show you some the ones that caught my attention. I hope I can inspire you a little and that you gradually experience a totally white look without any kind of prejudice or fear, whatever your age or body type. What do you think?

L: Shirt dress (size S) ref.7200/002/250 29.95€ | R: Top (size S) ref.0881/006/250 25.95€ , Pants (size 34) ref.5520/019/250 19.95€


1 Mules 35.95€ | 2 Jumsuit Blazer 49.95€ | 3 Crossed Vest 39.95€ | 4 Cropped Shirt 22.95€ | 5 Denim-Hi Rise Shorts 15.95€ | 6 Top 9.95€
1 Pants 29.95€ | 2 Wool Coat with buttons 109€ | 3 Mini Denim Shirt Dress 29.95€ | 4 Mini skirt 22.95€ | 5 Shoes 25.95€ | 6 Mini Bag 19.95€

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