Garnier Honey Treasures Hair Mask REVIEW

Hello beauties,

It seems like the world has stopped but even in the darkness we still can find some light and new products to talk about.

Today we bring you the review of one of the latest masks that I tried – the Garnier reconstituting mask “Honey Treasures”, in Portuguese “Tesouros de Mel”.

Even in quarantine, we need to take care of ourselves, even if it’s just to prepare for the day when we can put a foot outside.

As you know, we are pharmaceutics and we are working every single day to make sure everyone has the medication and other stuff that is needed. But our hair has been damaged for the elastics that we need to use to make sure the hair is not contaminated.

When I tried this mask I felt in the first use a huge difference in the softness of the hair and how shiny it was.


But let’s start by talking about the ingredients.

This mask is formulated with:

  • Royal jelly: An elixir that revitalizes, strength and repairs the hair;
  • Propolis: Purifying effect;
  • Honey: Nutrition effect.

This formula is perfect for people that have fragile and brittle hair.


You can use it in two ways:

  • Apply after shampoo, use a comb and wash off;
  • Apply at the end and leave for 3 minutes.



You will feel the hair more nourished and repaired. It will also be easier to untangle, brighter and tougher.



I’m enjoying using this mask a lot. My hair is so soft and I’m not seeing any damage or split ends. You can use it in the roots, it won’t be oily or feel oily.

This collection “Tesouros de Mel” is constituted by the mask but also a shampoo, a softener and a serum for the ends.

It’s suitable for all types of hair, also colored. One of the best pros of this mask and not only the mask but of all “Tesouros de Mel” line, is the scent. Oh god is soooooo good. It smells of fruits with flowers. The scent on the vase is strong, but it becomes soft on the hair, but even in the day after when you touch the hair (and believe me, you will want to touch it, to feel the softness), you still can feel the scent.


The mask brings 300mL and cost 5,99€.


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