Things to do at home: Follow Marie Kondo Six Rules and clean your closet

Hello beauties,

If you never heard the name Marie Kondo, you are living under a rock. Marie Kondo is a tidying expert, bestselling author, star of Netflix’s hit show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” and founder of KonMari Media, Inc.

In the show, Marie helps people around the world to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. It’s a hit show and if you want to transform your closet (or any room of your house), this is the show for you!

But you asking… what’s the KonMari method?

The KonMari Method™ encourages tidying by category (not by location) beginning with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, miscellaneous items, and, finally, sentimental items.

Keep only those things that speak to your heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.

Marie uses a method to folding pieces of clothing that takes less space. She encourages the use of boxes that will maintain everyhting in place and aesthetically appealing.

People around the world have been drawn to this philosophy not only due to its effectiveness but also because it helps in being mindful, introspective and having a forward-looking perspective.

There are SIX RULES that you can follow:

RULE 01 Commit yourself to tidy up.

You need to want this. Schedule a reasonable deadline and follow it. Don’t expect to do everything in one day!

RULE 02 Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

Imagine how you want your closet. Take ideas from images on the internet. But take into consideration your lifestyle and organize everything according to that. For example, if you are small like me, put the clothes that you use daily in the most handy drawers. If you are a person that uses a lot of dresses, put the dresses on display.

While tidying, visualize the life you want to live – to be less stressed, for exemple – and what you need to do to achieve it. Anything that don’t help you, goes to the things we don’t want pile.

RULE 03 Finish discarding first. 

This is the most difficult step. Take everything of you closet and drawers the separate your clothes into three piles – 1. things you use, 2. things that you don’t use and finally 3. things that have sentimental value or that you are still thinking about.

RULE 04 Tidy by category, not by location.

This rule don’t need explanation. Like we said, the KonMari method encourages organizing category-by-category instead of room-by-room. This rule is used not only on closets but for everything that you want to organize in your house. The gold is to lef the hoarding lifestyle and follow a more minimalis-approach inspiredn approach. The categories are:

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono (a.k.a. Miscellaneous Items)
  5. Sentimental Items

RULE 05 Follow the right order.

Follow the order you want your closet to be. This is not the time to give up. By now you have almost everything done. Organize the pieces by colors, by what you use the most, your favorites… but remember that pants need to be with pants and blouses with blouses.

RULE 06 Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Ask yourself if you still use that piece and if it still brings you joy to your life. Do you imagine yourself using it in the future? Does it bring you good memories? If not, think about giving it to someone that can use it.

Look at your closet… are you happy with it? Is there anything you still want to change? Are YOU happy?

Fold your clothes according to the KonMari method, it will take up less space and the clothes will not wrinkle so much:




Now you feel good, right? I bet! Your closet should be organized and a lot more appealing! The objective of this method is not all about tidying but discarding items that lacks value.

What’s the rule that’s the most difficult for you? Let us know in the comments.


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