Hello beauties,

Jewelry is something that we always liked, and because mother’s day is almost here, we made some research and ended up founding 100% Portuguese brands that sell handmade accessories/jewelry.

It’s a great pleasure to show you these brands, first because we are two Portuguese girls and it’s so nice to see successful brands from our country and second because these pieces are truly beautiful and worthy to share with you.

Hopefully, you will like too. Are there other brands that we need to know? Tell us in the comments.

BALI Acessories


This is a 100% Portuguese brand where every piece is handmade and with a unique style. It is very difficult to enter Bali’s Instagram page and do not fall in love with everything. The products are made with stainless steel which will last a lot of time. It’s very difficult to choose just one piece, you’ll be torn between gorgeous earrings and lovely necklaces. I’m absolutely sure you’ll find a piece perfect for your mother (and for you!).


Cata Vassalo


This is another 100% Portuguese brand from Sintra with handmade pieces. The products are exclusive and I bet you’ll end up in love with their headpieces! The earings will make you day-dream and if you are going to marry this year (or on the next one), or if you are going to be a wedding guest, this is the perfect page for you. You’ll fall head over heels in love with her latest collaboration with Alice Trewinnard.




If you are looking for the jewelry with a simple style then this is the brand for you. Camila Coelho, a famous influencer used their Dona Lola choker and it’s really beautiful. If you don’t believe, go to their page and check it out. This is the perfect time to check their products because all orders will have free shipping for now.


Alice & Co.


Alice & Co. is a brand for women that love timeless and contemporary pieces. I like how they use the quote ‘A sweet grandmother who inspired her two kids’ lovely, right? Each piece is handmade with natural pearls, from sweet water, which makes each of them unique. It’s a vintage brand that will look great with that vintage dress that you have on your closet and never used but also with your favorite jeans for a casual look!




This brand follows three things: pieces made out of love, nature, and out of me. The design is 100% Portuguese and the production is from the north of Portugal. The jewelry designer, Joana Reid, worked for some of the most important brands, designing and developing jewelry and accessories until she decided to create her own brand. Each piece turns to be unique.

What Goes Around


In What Goes Around every piece is handmade and the brand in 100% Portuguese in production. The simplicity of the pieces caught immediately my eye and I’m in love with their hearings but also the bracelets. If you are a fan of ear cuffs then don’t forget to check theirs. I never used one but after seeing theirs, I’m thinking about it…

Eloah Jewelry


Eloah is a Portuguese brand with handmade jewelry from Guimarães. Their medallion necklaces are gorgeous! And I think I could use all of their earrings (I would need a lot more holes in my ears but let’s not think about it)! If you don’t believe check their Instagram page (or just look at these photos) and prepare yourself to fall in love…you could thank us later.


This is Mary


This is another example of an online store where you enter and don’t know what to choose because everything is so pretty! I could use everything, it’s definitely the style that I look in my accessories: simple, girly, and pretty! Although not all the pieces are 100% Portuguese (but some are), this is a Portuguese brand.


Locas Biju


With a similar style but different details in the pieces, Locas Biju has beautiful accessories that you can use every day and that will elevate any outfit. Some pieces are from providers but the brand is Portuguese.


Missy M


If you like personalized accessories then this is the brand for you. Their earings and rings are beautiful, and like other brands from this post, in Missy M the products are not all 100% Portuguese, but the brand is, and our goal is to show you Portuguese brands.


Mel & Alecrim


Stay tuned with Mel & Alecrim because one of their products is beautiful and two the owner has plans to start making unique pieces after she takes a jewelry class. Okay, now take a moment and look at those ‘clip’ earings…WOW


For you jewelry handmade


With 90% of the products made by hand, this brand has necklaces that you will love (we sure do). The hard thing is to just choose one piece because I could use all those necklaces. Check the photos and tell us what you think (no need to thank us later)!


Note: this is not an ad, sponsored, and does not contain any affiliate link.


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e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com


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