Hello beauties,

Bronzers are the best, you can use them to contour your face or just to give a healthy look. Who doesn’t want to look like ‘I just came from a beach vacation’?.

Although now is not the best time to think about vacations or the beach – thanks pandemic times – we still can use and abuse the bronzer for that photo that you want to take (always in home), for that videoconference in which we don’t want to look like a ghost, or even to go to work (if this is your case, then we thank you).

On this post I will show you my three favorite bronzers of the moment. I don’t know if tomorrow I will try another that’s going to steal my heart but for now these are my favorites. 



Benefit Cosmetics HOOLA

I had this product for quite some time on my drawer without trying it! At first I didn’t see where it came all the commotion about this bronzer, I liked the tone but didn’t noticed nothing special about it. Then I started to use it more and more, and I saw the pictures when I was using it. I think it was a game changer for me, I love this matte bronzer! It looks absolutely gorgeous on skin, looks like I’m bronzed – not an artificial bronze but a natural. I use this bronzer on my friends and it looks beautiful on everyone!


I think my love for Guerlain was started with this bronzer. My favorite foundation still is the Teint de Jolie, and my love for the guerlain terracotta bronzer is even bigger. I have it in the color 03 natural brunette and this is a beautiful bronzer-golden color, ideal for my complexion when I start to gain some color. Where the Hoola can adapt for a lot of diferente skin tones, this one not so much, because of the golden warmer sub-tone. It’s expensive, smells divine and I like it.


I talked about this bronzer in the end of 2018 and I liked it then and love it now! It’s easy to apply, blends beautifully and the scent is like peaches, literally! I still think this should look good on a lot of skin tones. In the begining the bronzer looked shimmery because of the overspray but now that I used quite a lot, the bronzer has definitly a matte finish. The best is that I can build it according to what I want. It can be used alone, or at top of anothe bronzer just to give it a pop of the peachy tone.


Let me know in the comments what is your favorite bronzer, I would love to know and maybe try it.


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  1. I have the Hoola and the Sweetie Pie bronzers and love them both!! Trying to get my hands on the new Chanel bronzer, but I swear the second it comes back in stock it’s sold out again…

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    1. Are you talking about the new version of the soleil tan? If so let me tell you that for what I read that’s nothing like the ‘old version’!!! Stick to the good-old-version 😉 if not, let me know what bronzer you are talking about? 😘


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