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The history of swimwear is long and controversial. It intertwines with the women’s emancipation and with the evolution of the concepts of comfort and self-esteem.

For centuries, women wore a variety of clothes when they went to beach (this was when they started to favor the called ‘outdoor baths’). We can say that the bikini appeared in the summer of 1946 when two different designers tried to create an innovative swimwear. Its appearance was so revealing that most models refused to use it. However, it was in the 1960s that it really became known – with names like Ursula Address wearing the infamous white bikini in 007 or Rachel Welch wearing the least possible animal skin bikini!

The use of bikini still excites some tensions these days, legal battles are common for the rights of muslin women to wear burkinis.

Currently, the bathing suit is a statement piece. Where in the past was usually worn by older people or women that didn’t feel comfortable with a part of the body, today it is worn by everyone and the best is that we have beautiful and unique models to choose, for all body types. I admit that nowadays I like a bikini as well as a bathing suit, I usually say that ‘it depends on the day’, what about you?

There are many brands that are famous in the world of swimwear, and today we will show you Portuguese brands that we found and that have gorgeous pieces. We dare you not to fall over heels in love with these pieces! These are for anyone who wants to go swimming or sunbathe using something different.

Given the circumstances, we can say that the beach is not the first place where our mind is right now, but we believe that better days will come and who knows?

Are there other Portuguese swimwear brands that we need to know? Tell us in the comments.


Instagram: @cantelisboa

Cantê is the synonym of romantic – from the loving patterns to the bows and frills! It screams for me, literally! It’s really difficult to choose just one piece and I wish you good luck with that! 100% Portuguese, this brand differs with the design and combination of colors, as well as by the use of very cheerful and pastel colors! I’m very happy to get to know this brand and I’m sure you will too.



Instagram: @latitid

This year I’m obsessed with white swimsuits and Latitid has one that has everything that I’m looking for (the one from the second picture). With 100% Portuguese design and production, this brand goes directly to our top of patterns that complement the body. Check their new collection and tell us what you think. I will be waiting for your thanks for presenting this brand to you.



Instagram: @aumarswimwear

If you are looking for pieces with unique cuts, then it’s a pleasure to introduce to you – Aumar! From the adorable polka dots bikini to the big back bow swimsuit (one of my favorites, for sure). Bikinis with intelligent cuts that allow you to use it in different ways and swimsuits that look simple but with cuts that will complement the body! Some pieces are limited edition so don’t think twice before buying it!



Instagram: @funkyproject_world

In Funky Project both the design and manufacture are Portuguese, and it is always a great pleasure to show you Portuguese brands with such wonderful pieces. I bet you can’t take your eyes off the pictures, right? The swimsuits are so flattering and the bikinis are not far behind. These are my favorite pieces (I’m already dreaming about the golden swimsuit) but I’m sure you will be amazed by the entire collection.



Instagram: @dropeclothing

The pieces from Drope are mouth dropping! Did you notice the pun? Sorry, it was necessary! But the truth is that they are. I don’t know if it’s the amazing body of the models but I was amazed by each piece and honestly, I couldn’t choose just one piece as a favorite – I think you will agree with me that they are a hit! The good news is that they offer free worldwide shipping.



Instagram: @bow_bestonwater

With material imported from Italy, but design and production 100% Portuguese, Bow is an example of a brand that stands out – both in the cuts of the pieces but also in the fabric patterns! Look how different the last bathing suit is: love it! Bow also designs pieces for kids and men, so if you like to matchy-matchy with your child/husband, this is the store for you! You can thank us later!



Instagram: @ilovetype

Type is a good example of a brand with simple designs that are timeless and can work for almost every body type. If I really needed to pick just one piece it would be the green bikini from the first picture, it’s gorgeous and very flattering, right? This is also a Portuguese brand where all the pieces are made here! They ship the products worldwide.



Instagram: @kitessclothing

Kitess is a 100% Portuguese brand with all pieces made in Portugal. They have bath suits that are reversible (the one from the first picture looks totally different when turned and without the belt) and all pieces look so comfortable with loving fabric patterns. They offer free worldwide shipping!

Note: this is not an ad, sponsored, and does not contain any affiliate link.


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