Tips for a successful online shopping experience

Hello beauties,

Is it just me that misses going to a store to try new clothes, or even just the experience of go shopping? Well if you feel the same way, then I have something to tell you – online shopping can be very exciting too!

But now you are going to tell me that you are worried that what you buy online it’s not going to fit you or that you are not used to but clothes online. Well, I’m here to help you and to turn your shopping online experience as smooth and pleasable as it can be.

In today’s post I’m going to give you some tips to have a successful shopping online, while avoiding the need to trade the pieces. Right now, going to the mall is out of question and we need to work with what we’ve got.


1 – Decide what you want to buy before going online

Make a buy list of what you want/need to buy, like “I want to buy a new dress for when I can go out of the house” (it’s a valid situation). When you know what you want, stick to it!


2- Buy things that match with what you already have

It’s great and I’m all in when it comes to try things out of your comfort zone. But let’s see this example, you buy a skirt but you don’t have a blouse that goes with the skirt. Now you have to buy two pieces instead of one, it’s a mistake to your wallet. Right? Or you just buy the skirt and then you donate it next year because you never used it (you didn’t have anything that looked good with it).


3 – Use the filters of the website

Use and abuse of the filters of the store to narrow your search to exactly what you want to buy. For example, pick the type of dress, color, size, material, length, etc… then you will have a list of what you are looking in maybe 4 pages instead of the original 100 pages.


4 – Know your body type

That skirt looks gorgeous on that model, right? But then you buy it and doesn’t look so good on you. But ding dong, we all have different types of bodies. Good news is that the contrary can also happen.  So my advice is for you to see what are your favorite dresses that you have in your wardrobe and stick to that shape. Make a quick search, for example on Pinterest to see the style of what you are looking for and how it is styled on real life. Of course, you can play around, but before that see the politics of return of the site you are buying to see if you don’t need to pay to return the item.


5 – Size Charts

This almost could be a point of tip number four, but look at the size charts of each site you are looking at because maybe you are a size 6 on your normal store but in others, you are a 8 or a 4. So my tip number five is to know your size but also measure yourself, and make the transcription to the size on the site you are at.


6 – Look at your wardrobe

You are on a site and found an amazing outfit that you really love and for sure suits your style and looks good on you. You think immediately ‘I need to buy those pieces’, after a while you find similar pieces on your wardrobe. I guarantee you that 85% of the time you have, and looking at your wardrobe made you save money. Another advantage is that one day you can find new ways to style clothes that you already have and give them a new life.


7 – Stick to trusted sites

All internet is inundated with sponsors and some are from stores that you never heard before and have beautiful and cheap pieces. A dream right? Do a search on google for reviews of that site and see on youtube if there are videos about it. Usually this is what I do.


8 – Think before buying it

Before doing the checkout, take a break to think if you really need all the pieces that you have on the cart and if you are going to use them all. If the answer is yes, go ahead but at least you saw all the pieces with a new fresh of air.


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