Yves Rocher New Monoi collection! REVIEW

Hello beauties,

If you are a bon connoisseur of Yves Rocher products, then you should know their Monoi Collection! This is a range that is exclusive to spring/summer months and it is not new, at least I have know it for two years.

Lately, Yves Rocher has reformulated some products, as well as refurbished their packaging. That’s what happened to the Monoi collection! This year, in addition to a slightly different packaging, we can count on some new products. I was very pleased that the characteristic monoi scent has not been modified. It smells like summer!

Today I decided to talk to you about two products I bought – Body/hair Oil and the Beach effect hair Spray.


Multi-Purpose Moisturizing Dry Oil

Body/hair – Enriched with Monoi of Tahiti – 99% ingredients from natural origin

I bought this oil last year and I used all of it during the summer. It’s the perfect dry oil to apply to the skin after a day at the sun. the scent is something else. It take a little to dry off but it’s worth. The skin stays hydrated, very soft and it helps maintain the bronze.

I also use it on the hair because it contains a lot of oils that are great for dry hair, like coconut oil or …. My favorite way to apply it is at night, but I also like to apply it when my hair just been dry out or at any moment just to give it some life.

List of ingredients: Coco-caprylate/caprate – Hielianthus annus (Sunflower) seed oil – Cocos nucifera (Coconut oil) – Sesamum indium (Sesame) seed oil – Gardenia taitensis flower extract – Perfume – Tocophenly Acetate – Tocophenol – Amylcinnamod

Beach Effect Hair Spray

Apply this salty spray with a gentle summer scent o dry hair. Roll your hair into a bun for 5 minutes. Undo. 

This product works, giving soft waves to the hair! The scent is divine and is really easy to use. It looks like I was on the beach and I let my hair dry naturally. My only complain is that it can dry the hair, mostly in the next day. This happens because of the sodium chlorite, basically salt, that overall dries the hair.

Attention to the use of products with Sodium chlorite, this ingredient can cause damage on chemical treated hairs!

For me, the only way that I use this product is when I know that I’m going to wash my hair on the next day, and I have to use a oil, for example, the Multi-purpose oil right after using this spray. I think that one product complements the other, at least on my dry hair.

If I had to choose, I would only buy the multi-purpose oil, because it can be used on body and hair, working both ways. The beach spray is good for people that have oily/normal hair and want some waves


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