AVON Blackhead Clearing Liquid Extraction Strip

Hello beauties,

In my eternal search for the perfect blackhead spot remover and I stumbled upon the  Blackhead Clearing Liquid Extraction Strip from Avon.

Avon products never really caught my attention, perhaps because a few years ago I read that they tested on animals. However, that situation changed and lately I’ve been buying some products every month and I’m starting to see where it comes all the buzz. I feel that’s important to say that currently Avon doesn’t test the products in animals, which is a value that I always like to find on a brand.


Another point is the price of this mask – only 5.90€ – a nice price for a mask that can be used way more than one time!

According to the information on the packaging:

‘This mask transforms from liquid to a flexible peel-off strip, helping remove dirt, impurities and the look of blackheads from pores to leave skin refreshed and squeaky clean’.

How to use:

Clean skin before application. Using your finger as an applicator, spread a thick even layer of product to top sides of nose area, including crevices of the nose where blackheads are likely to form. The strip should extend outward about 1cm on the cheek on both sides of the nose, which will provide a “tab” to hold once strip dries, making removal easier. Avoid lip, eye, and hairline areas.


Use up to two times a week around nose, forehead and chin. After waiting 20 minutes, gently use the soft tip of your thumb or finger to rub up enough of the “tab” of the strip until you have enough of a hold on it. Slowly peel the entire strip away. If needed rinse any excess product with warm water.

My thoughts about it:

I tried this product on me and on my nephew. My nephew has eighteen years old, which is the favorite age of blackheads. It was really easy to apply, I was expecting a mess but it wasn’t. The twenty minutes passed quickly and the only thing we felt was a mint, cold feeling while the strip formed.

My advice is to apply a really thin layer, or you will have to wait way more than 20 minutes. It was also really easy to take the strip from the skin and it didn’t hurt at all.

I was expecting to see blackheads attached to the strip but I didn’t see anything. I used on my nose and chin and I saw a little difference but nothing drastic.

My nephew noticed some hair on his strip nose but also no blackheads. He has really stubborn blackheads. But after a while, he used a metal tool that helps remove blackheads without the use of nails (I don’t know the name of this tool – blackhead removal tool?), and some of them came easily. I think the strip help the open of the pores, helping the removal of blackheads.

I will continue using this product to see if it’s a kind of product that works best with continuous use. Don’t worry, I will update any changes on my impressions.



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