HIT OR MISS: Barbara Hofmann Makeup Sponge that onlys costs 3€

Hello beauties,

If I had to choose between a make-up brush or a sponge, my choice would fall on the brush. However, after trying the beautyblender I admit that I became a fan! What I don’t like about beautyblender – besides the price – is the fact that every time I use it, I feel like I waste a lot of foundation.

However, there is no denying that if you want good coverage and impeccable application, the beautyblender is your best friend. As a rule, as don’t like heavy coverage, so I am happy using a brush and the beautyblender for the concealer – my problematic area.

In these times that we are living in, it is not easy to go to a store and buy a sponge, so I decided to order one online. I came across this one from Barbara Hofmann, at a great price – 3.40 € and with the promotion 2.55 €, on Perfumes & Companhia – and because I found it very similar to the sponge that Tati (youtube beauty influencer) used one time and loved, I decided to buy!


According to the information on the website, this sponge is of high quality and has pores so fine that they are suitable for professional makeup. In addition, it can be washed in the laundry machine at 60 degrees.

I decided to put it to the test and see if it’s worth it or if it’s a disappointment. For that I applied the makeup with the sponge as if I were using a beautyblender and I have a few things to say.

First, I feel that this sponge ‘sucks’ all the product! Where I normally apply two pumps of foundation, using this sponge I have to apply four, almost five for the same coverage! Second, it doesn’t set the makeup, it drags and we notice it, believe me!

So, to apply makeup it’s a big no!


Then I tried to use it as last step, when we want to give it a little touch to make sure the makeup is in place. With little touches,  I noticed that it somewhat worked.

Overall, do I think this is worth your money? Well, I don’t think so. I think the best is to save the money and give a little bit more to buy a beautyblender. You will notice a big difference using each one.


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Hey beauties, what do you think about introduce a new product to your beauty routine without spending a small fortune? Yes, please.

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