Hello beauties,

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Portuguese accessories (here) and swimsuits (here) brands. I think it’s important to show you some of these brands because besides being my country’s brands, they have wonderful products and as beautiful as other internationally known brands. It is always a pleasure to talk about brands that have products made in Portugal. 

Today, I will show you some clothing brands, that I am sure you will love. Given the circumstances, we can say that buying clothes is where our mind is, but we have to start to gain some normality and keep in mind that better days will come.

As always, let me know in the comments if there are any other Portuguese clothing brands that we need to know.


Instagram: @kaoashop

Designed and made in Portugal, this brand has beautiful pieces – from flowing dresses to sets that every girl wants to use (me included). You can buy the pieces online on their website (good news: they do worldwide shipping) or go to one of the three stores they have (Guimarães, Porto, and Lisboa). Thank me later, beauty!


Think about sexy and girlie – it’s Cawé! Their latest pieces in pastel colors are Gorgeous! I love ruffles on clothes, so I am suspicious. I believe you will have difficulty choosing just one piece (I have). All pieces are made in Portugal but don’t worry because they have worldwide shipping. More information on their website

Instagram: @caweclothing


Instagram: @noah_clothing_

Produced and made in Portugal, Noah is the definition of sexy, colorful and cuts that favor any type of body. If you are going to have a wedding or any kind of celebration and you don’t know what to use, you need to visit their website, I’m sure you will all in love. They have worldwide shipping, so don’t stress!


Designed and handmade in Portugal, Hanzel has dreamy clothes (the perfect word to describe them). Their new 2020 collection is marvelous and it’s really difficult to choose just one piece (my favorites are in the picture). I bet you will have the same problem as I when you visit their website. Don’t worry because they do worldwide shipping.

Instagram: hazelbrand


Instagram: @ferrache

This Portuguese brand exists since 1988 (WOW) and since I saw their instagram page, I became a fan! Some cuts are simple but look gorgeous on the body and I have to say that the ‘green lime’ jumpsuit has a special place in my heart. I bet you are curious to see the rest of the collection on their website, don’t you?

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