Rowenta Wet and Dry Straightener REVIEW

Hello beauties,

I have been thinking about buying a new hair straightener for a while. The Babyliss that I have is very old, and has been showing some signs of its age – like taking forever to warm up, and after a few minutes of use, it starts to blink to warm up again! It was a good straightener, and I thought about buying an equal but then I thought better and decided to buy a better one – the next level of straighteners.

I did a research, and I was convinced to buy the expensive and well-known L’Óreal Steampod – but I did not find the size and weight a good point (as the $$$) – then I found a lot of positive comments about the Rowenta Wet & Dry.

Who doesn’t like to save time? This is what this straightener promises -time – because it can be used on dry hair, but also on damp hair, drying and straightening the hair in only one step.

It may be a little strange – straightening wet hair?! – but at the same time it is very tempting, even more so if you have crazy and thick hair like mine. I normally spend one hour using the hairdryer and the straightener. Can you imagine what I suffer during Summer?

So I decided to give it a chance and bought the Wet & Dry Straightener and today I am going to tell you everything about it.

The plates of this straightener are big, really big, which makes it not so beneficial if the aim is to curl the hair instead of straightening it. However, this detail makes it ideal for those who have a lot of hair (even more thick hair), and, for me, who have both, it saves me some time, as I can use a great amount of hair at once. The plates also have a side opening which is where the steam will be released from the drying/straightening.


The plates are made of nano-ceramic – a bonus for evenly distributing heat – and have an ionic system (which avoids the so hated frizz).

To find out more about the technical details, I advise you to visit the official website, here.

Although I always use a heat protector (please don’t use any type of heat device without a good heat protector), I am not a big fan of using any type of straightener on wet hair, so what I do is to get the maximum of water out of the hair, using the in dryer and then I use the straightener.


What I noticed when using this straightener is that it is really easy to use, and despite using it on almost dry hair, it saves me some time. The plates glide early through the hair without hurting it. The hair is straight very quickly and it stays like that for days! Because I like the hair really straight, I use thinner strands, which makes it take longer. If I want a more natural look, I could use bigger locks, saving me some time.

My initial fear with the Wet & Dry was the fact that it did not straighten my hair close to the root, due to the size of the plates, but I did not have this problem, on the contrary, it was very easy, even the small and trouble baby hair. I also had some fears because of straighteners tend to dry even more the ends of the hair but they look good.

I am very happy with this purchase, and I will use it more often! I will keep my old straightener and use it to curl my hair.

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