We tried 8 Cosmopolitan magazine summer trends

Hello beauties,

According to the Cosmopolitan magazine, this summer will be all about going extra, and according to them, there are 8 trends that we have no reason not to just GO for this summer. We are indeed in the middle of pandemic times, but let’s keep a positive mind and have a little fun! 

Well..we had, like a lot of fun! All because we decided to try these 8 trends and see if they work and are practical.


Let’s press collective pause on the slightly beige, slightly peach shade we wear all the damn time. This bold, bright color is universally flattering and, most importantly, fun.

Cosmopolitan, June 2020


Blue is not the easiest color to blend and it’s a job to take it off but it looks absolutely gorgeous. We can definitely see us rocking this look on a festival or a night out with friends.


Seems complicated but it’s basically just a headband worn upside down. Think of it like a genius hack to hold up those loose pieces of hair always falling out of your bun.

Cosmopolitan, June 2020


After trying it, is easy to see why this can be good – it holds the hair that tends to fall down and it’s not usual. Imagine using a flower headband this way, it can look gorgeous!


Don’t feel like doing makeup today but need a lil something special? Stick a few faux-diamond studs on your face. They’re such a -main event- that you won’t need anything else.

Cosmopolitan, June 2020


We both tried this trend but it was a fail! We didn’t had any type of diamonds in home so we tried with some eyeshadow primer and eyeshadow glitter/highlighter! BUT we still think that with the right materials, this can be used on a festival for example…


Way cheaper than Nike Air Maxes and also way higher impact. You’re so very welcome (for a subtle look, draw yours at the end of your winged liner.

Cosmopolitan, June 2020


Besides being very difficult to reproduce the nike logo on the skin, we can not understand where it would be possible to use this trend, maybe on a festival?


Adding a couple of vivid extensions to your pony is the new noncommittal. P.S. We’re placing bets that Rihanna’s gonna rock this look all summer.

Cosmopolitan, June 2020


Unfortunately we didn’t had any hair extensions in home but this is a trend that screams Fun! You can just one to a touch of color, or a lot of them if you are going to a party or festival!


It just feels like the time to be LOUD, y’know? Your classic red has served you well, but neon will take care of you now.

Cosmopolitan, June 2020


This trend will depend on your love for bold colors on lips! I personally like, and I have a few lipsticks in home that can prove it. The neon pink lipstick from the photo is from MUFE and you can check the post about it, here.


Your middle part called…and she’s tired, so tired. Let her get the rest she needs and do one of these instead, making it suuuper deep and very sleek.

Cosmopolitan, June 2020


We like the part of the extreme side parts but we don’t like the ‘very sleek’ part, just ‘sleek’ is enough! What is your opinion?


Messy waves that say “I woke up like this” are out. Finger waves that say “Yes, I spend a lot of time on my hair, pls admire” are in. Now go ahead and take all the selfies.

Cosmopolitan, June 2020


We tried to recreate this look, but our hair didn’t cooperate and because we never tried this look, it’s really difficult to succeed on the first try. In the end, what we recreate was some waves that didn’t look anything like that. This is a trend that when well used, can be totally gorgeous for a party or even a wedding!

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