Things to do at home: Organize your Bookshelf

Hello beauties,

Who has never been amazed to look at a bookshelf perfectly organized? Now is an ideal time to organize yours, and it can be easier than you think. I realize that looking at all that books can be a little overwhelming and thinking about organizing everything can be a torture, but do not worry, we are here to give you some ideas.

This is also the perfect way to find books that you didn’t remember you had, maybe you can read them again…

So how should we organize our bookshelf after all? We are going to give you five ideas.

By Alphabetical Order

This is one of the most obvious options, followed by libraries and some bookstores, and the best way to find a book. You can organize by the author’s nickname or by title (if you are a rebel). The big advantage is that anyone in the house will be able to find the book quickly.

By Genre

This is another classic, used by some bookstores, mainly online. and the best option when you want to find a specific book. Perfect for knowing exactly where is that fairy book, poem, or a life guide.

By Author

This method works well when there is more than one book by the same author. With this organization you can also define a more specific one: chronological order of publication.

By Color or Size

There are those who argue that there is nothing more beautiful than the asymmetry of spines and shelves in various colors, but the organization by color and or size of books on a shelf is perfect for those who value the aesthetic component of books and for the most creative.

By Read or Unread

Creating a section of all the books you haven’t read so they don’t get lost is also not a bad idea. So, you don’t run the risk of buying them again or forget that you haven’t read that book yet!

Personally, my books are organizing by genre, then by author. I also have a ‘special’ shelf to books that I still didn’t read. Let us know what’s your favorite way to organize your book shelfs.

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