Hello beauties,

We are living something that we never thought we would be living, don’t you agree? This pandemic came in force and changed all we thought we had: health and security to be in places that are not our house. Because of that, and with the thought that we should always use a mask, for us and other people, we decided to give you some ideas on how to use some makeup while using a mask.

This may seem stupid if we look to the entire picture but life continues and like some people liked to use makeup before this, that didn’t change. Also remember that some people still work, and life is slowly (very slowly) come to a new ‘normal’ where we must use masks wherever we go.

We are against parties with a lot of people, festivals, and all that but we are in favor of going out with family (the one that lives with us) to a restaurant, seeing a friend, and of course, going to work. And our love for makeup is there, so why not to use a little bit of it. And if that makes us feel a little more normal, why not? Of course, you can use more or less, according to how or what you’re feeling, and the occasion. What do you think?

Before showing some looks to different occasions, we want to share with you some tips and tricks on how to use makeup with a mask.

The first one is obvious but sometimes people forget and the result is not the best when they take off the mask. When using makeup with a mask, we should concentrate the more intense part in the eyes, because that is what will be more visible with a mask on, but we also can’t forget the complexion.

What we mean is that we already saw two different types of people. The first, is the type of people that has amazing eye makeup, but when taking the mask off, the face is horrible because it has nothing on and the contrast is really weird. Then we have people that have beautiful eye makeup and then takes the mask off and the complexion is a mess. Lot of makeup, or a bad blending or even the combination of heat and the use of the mask, can turn everything into a weird situation. So what we are saying for tip number 1 is to be the person in the middle of the two.

Concentrate the makeup in the eyes, giving it the main focus but also have some continuation to the face.

But now you are going to say that even that small layer of makeup in the face will melt with the mask. Of course, no makeup is mask proof, and that is ok if you use some tricks to help the makeup last longer and don’t smudge all over the face. The first one is after apply all the makeup use a setting powder all over the face and put a little more in the oily zones, like around the nose and chin. The second trick is to apply in the finish a setting spray that sets the makeup during the day. With these two tricks, the makeup will not smudge or melt, in the end, you will have some makeup in the mask but will not be a problem.

If you want more tips, check out our post about secrets on how to make the foundation last longer in the summer, here.

Now let’s talk about some looks that you can use with mask.

Day look

On Sunday I went to lunch with my family in a restaurant and my outfit was a white dress with some sandals and a pink blue mask. I decided to apply my eye makeup making pandan with the mask, using pink tones. It is discreet but ok for lunch, a cafe with friends or just an afternoon walk in the park, for example.

Night look

Even not going to a bar or going out, you still can enjoy the night by going to dinner in a restaurant or even going to a cafe or bar for a coffee or just a drink.

For that, you can use a little more amount of makeup in the eyes, like doing a smokey eye, or a cat eye.

Let us know in the comments if you have more tips to share with us. We would love to hear you.

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