5 Healthy Habits to start your morning off right

Hello beauties,

Now that some normality is coming to our lives, and the lay-off work is almost over for everyone, your intern clock is not in its best shape. You’re getting the prescribed hours of sleep (maybe even more) and your evening pattern is still not the best but acceptable, yet you still hate getting out of bed in the morning. Am I right?

Well, on today’s post we are going to give you some things to think about and that you can incorporate in your routine that hopefully will help you.

Say goodbye to the screen before sleep

‘Melatonin levels should naturally rise as we are preparing to sleep, but cell phones and computers interrupt this process’, says Dr. Dranna Persaud (CEO of This Works). Ditch the use of this type of gadgets for at least an hour before trying to sleep.

Change your morning alarm

Aggressive alarms can make the transition from deep rest to high alert too shocking. It’s never a good idea to expose yourself to stress. We advise you to change your alarm to play calming classical music or a type of sound that you find calm. Or you can use apps that wake you when your body is prepared for, by analyzing your curve of sleep.

Wake you to daylight

It’s a fact that when light hits your retinas, your body produces the cortisol required to get the energy in the morning. So, if you can, wake up with the curtains slightly open, or do not completely close the blind. If you can’t wake to natural sunlight, opt for light-up alarms.

Workout early in the morning

Like we said, cortisol is a hormone essential for the morning energy, but like everything in the world, too much of it can actually be detrimental. If we allow your cortisol to spike when we wake up, it can result in stress and anxiety throughout the rest of the day. The solution is to work out in the morning doing something of medium or low intensity, such as yoga, cycling, or jogging, to ensure you are not left with too much cortisol in your system. Later in the day, you can dedicate yourself to high-intensity workouts.

Use a scent that makes you happy

We already talk about certain scents that tend to help us get calm (chamomile, lavender, and vetivert) but others can invigorate both mind and body – such as citrus fragrance. Some MRI scans of the brain show that scents that are more herbal (peppermint and rosemary) can help with the cognition part.

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