Things to do at home: Experiment a relaxing bath

Hello beauties,

We are living stressful times, and no one can deny that feeling calm is important. What better way to relax than a long, relaxing bath? It’s time to take some time and focus on self-care and do things that you know it will make you calm or try something that you normally don’t do. For some people, taking a long relaxing bath is something they do with frequency, but for others it’s something that is not usual. I only can talk for myself, but my baths normally are quick and I almost never have time to take a long bath. If you are like me, new to this bath game, then I will give you some tips that I learned during these last months.

Luckily it only takes a few steps to create a perfect relaxing bath experience in your bathroom! You can also think about it like a spa-like bath experience!

1. Candles

If I had to think about something that instantly shifts a mood, it would be lighting a candle to two! Don’t you agree? The dim light and the candle scent can be magical! Try placing a few of your favorite scented candles around your bath tub and light them before you sink into the tub. Make sure to stick to one scent, or you can overwhelm your bathroom with too many scents. Instead of relaxed you can gain a headache!

Photo: Pinterest

2. Bath salts or Oils

Depending on the texture you prefer, you can add bath salts, essential oils or just your favorite shower gel to the water. Or try a combination of the three?! Choose scents that have a relaxing effect – like chamomile, lavender, neroli or eucalyptus. Remember that essential oils help moisturize the skin, while bath salts are good for alleviating muscle soreness.

3. A book

Who doesn’t like to get lost in a book once in a while? I do, I do! This will help taking you of your own mind for a bit and don’t think about what’s happening in the real world. Reading a book in the bath is also great if you are prone to feeling antsy, because it really helps relaxing your mind.

Photo: Pinterest

4. Music

Depending on what type of music you like, listening to music is the last tip and an important one. Turn on something that helps put you in a calm, relaxing mindset – whether is classical music or even meditative sounds (birds, waves). If you like, enjoy this time to listen to some podcasts! What works with me is is to create a playlist on my phone, with my favorite musics, new ones but I also like to add some that I don’t listen for some time!

From candles to music, here is everything you need for the perfect relaxing bath experience. Now, just sit, relax and enjoy a peaceful bath.

Let us know in the comments below what’s your favorite bath ritual!

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