Hello beauties,

On today’s post I’m going to talk about an accessory that I love and think you’ll love too – a basket bag. This type of bag is the perfect way to give some carefree ‘I am on vacation’ spirit to any look. I love how the basket bags became a luxury fashion piece. It looks good with denim, a long dress and even with a tailoring dress.

I have such good memories when I was really young to use one and I have too many photos with it. I also remember my mother complaining that I would not leave my basket in the house, so every time we would go out, my basket was with me!

It’s a piece that screams Summer and seaside vacations – and I love it!

Not long ago, I was looking for a basket bag to use this summer and what was my surprise when I found several Portuguese brands that produces this type of bag on Instagram. I decided to show you my favorites while showing you a little more of the best that we have in Portugal. Get ready to surrender to this style of bags, and don’t forget in the end to thank me for it!

Are there other Portuguese basket brands that we need to know? Tell us in the comments.

Victoria Handmade

I’ve been keeping an eye on Victoria handmade bags for awhile, because they are simple beautiful, the quality look phenomenal and they are 100% handmade with tradition and ethically crafted in Portugal. I can see these bags going great with a lot of outfits and I think that after seeing these photos you are in love as well! I still can’t decide which one is my favorite.

Little Things

Little Things is a brand where everything is handmade and made in Portugal – from the baskets to the personalization. You can ask to add your letter name or the one from someone you love. It’s always difficult to choose just one piece but can we agree that round basked is so unique and sweet! And the big baskets are perfect to take your towel to the beach, don’t you think?

As Belinhas

Instagram: @as_belinhas

‘As Belinhas’ is a brand started by a mother and daughter that is 100% handmade and Portuguese. It can be described as pure crafts with a touch of modernity. They use raw materials such as palm leaf and cotton lines (for the hand embroidery, crochet and macramé). They give a lot of importance to the quality and that clearly shows in the pictures.

Note: this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links.

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    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t know the brand but after checking the website I definitely will add it to my favorites! The bags look beautiful and I’m so happy to know that you ship to Portugal!


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