Things to do at home: Healthy and easy snacks

Hello beauties,

I’m a person that likes to eat healthily or at least I try to eat that way most of the time. Of course, we all need a trash meal sometimes and that it’s okay, but during quarantine, I indulge a little more in the healthy lifestyle.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that we want to lose weight or want that summer body (although that comes along), but for me eat healthy snacks means being the best version of me, that is the Joana that feels healthy, feels strong and the one that are thinking on the future and want to have a long and healthy life.

During quarantine, I indulge in a search for more healthy food and to try new things. Also, I needed to do snacks that also the not-so-much-healthy-person would like because I don’t live alone and I don’t eat alone.

Today I bring you two super easy recipes of snacks that you can do in 5 minutes. One is a salty one and the other is sweet.

Avocado toast

My avocado toast is a super easy and simple toast, that you can eat as a snack or breakfast.

It involves 4 ingredients that you can buy online or in the supermarket:

  • Light cream cheese
  • Bread
  • Avocado
  • Black pepper

The bread for me it’s the most important part of this recipe, I’m not a bread person, and I don’t feel good when I eat food with gluten, so for months, I tried so many gluten-free bread, until I found Pachamama, and was love at first sight. The Pachamama bread it’s really good, and the taste is also good, it tastes like bread, on the contrary of other brands of gluten-free bread that I tried. Because this bread doesn’t have preservatives the expiration date is short, so what I do is put in the freezer, and then when I want I put it on the toaster.

The second ingredient is the Philadelphia light cream cheese. I’m a big fan of cheese and I love this one especially being a light version, and that means being better for us.

Avocado, it’s a fruit that is in vogue right now, and it’s one that you should eat. It has a good amount of calories but the good ones that will leave you full for more time than other food. In this picture my avocado is a little dark because it was in the fridge.

The last step of my avocado toast is black pepper on the top. And voilá, here you have a simple but delicious Avocado toast that will leave you full for a couple of hours.

My Avocado Toast – beautyworkerslife blog

Apple with peanut butter

When you read how I make this, you will laugh on how easy this is and maybe think about how you never think about it. You just need:

  • Apples
  • Peanut butter

I use apples but you can also use bananas, or a pear – it will also taste delicious, trust me, I tried. Or you can use bread, I already try it with the Pachamama bread and is delicious. But like I said, I’m not a bread person and when I’m more in a rush an apple or another fruit is quicker.

Cut an apple in slices and spread peanut butter on the slices. Voilá, it’s ready to eat and you’ll end crying for more.

The brands that I usually buy of peanut butter are the Prozis or Biomit. This time I didn’t have the crunchy peanut butter but that is really good. Maybe next time I will try the almond butter. Which one do you prefer?

My Apple with Peanut butter – beautyworkerslife blog

Well my beauties, hope you liked this ideas of snacks. Tag us on instagram if you tried some of these recipes, and tell us on the comments which one do you prefer: the salty snack or the sweet.

Oh and I would love if you could share some recipes with me, I’m always on the hunt for more healthy meals. If you do, I will try them and tag you on Instagram.


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