Hello beauties,

Are you happy with your beauty routine? Truly happy? Or in the back of your mind you are still with some doubts about your skincare routine? Maybe you don’t have a beauty routine at all? If not, it can be a little bit overwhelming to know how to start…

We are here to help you! You just need to start by following three simple steps to organize a beauty routine that will make every beauty celebrity jealous. First, you need to answer some questions:

  • What’s your skin type?
  • How is your lifestyle?
  • What is your budget?

Each product reacts differently in different people, so if you saw a tutorial or read good things about a product, take some time and do a research to see if the ingredients are the best for your skin type!

There are three steps that we want to talk about:

1. Cleansing

The most important step in every beauty routine and in every skin type.

2. Toner or Serum

Depending on your skin type, it’s important to toner your skin or uses a sérum before the moisturizer.

3. Moisturizer

A moisturizer helps to seal every product on your skin aside from hydrating and nourishing the skin. Depending on your skin type needs it can be a gel-creme, gel formula or cream.

Now that we show you what are first three steps, we will talk about every skin type and give you examples of products that can be used. Again, these are ideas.

Normal skin

Or like we like to say, the lucky skin type. This type of skin can work with almost every product. It’s important, like we said, to clean it every day and use brightening and nourishing products to maintain your healthy glow.

Ingredients that you should look for: Fruit and floral extracts; Niacinamide, Licorice, Vitamin C or E and glycerin.

Dry skin

Your pores don’t produce sebum, which can be bad for you. This can lead to flaky skin and sometimes accelerates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The secret is to use rich creams and even oil-based products.

Ingredients that you should look for: Hyaluronic acid, Glycolic acid, Rosehip oil, Marula oil, Argan oil,  and glycerin.

Combination skin

It’s a bummer when you realize that you have an oily t-zone but the rest of your skin is dry. Sometimes you really don’t know what to use. The secret can be the use of different creams to different parts of the skin. But you can also look for ingredients that work for both skin types. Stay away from heavy creams but never forget to hydrate your skin.

Ingredients that you should look for: Green tea extract, Niacinamide, Salicylic acid.

Oily Skin

This type of skin happens when your pores produce too much sebum leading to greasy and shinny skin. You can also have acne, which is common in this type of skin. The secret is to use a cleanser with anti-bacterial properties and products with ingredients that will balance your skin. Take into consideration that your oily skin can be a result of a need of moisture.

Ingredients that you should look for: Tea tree oil, Aloe vera, Rosehip, Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid.

Now that you are a pro at the first three steps, you can add more products to your routine.

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