Things to do at home: watch a movie that will make you cry liters

Hello beauties,

Nobody likes to cry, but sometimes it feels good to throw out bitterness, insecurities, and fears. And what better way to do that than watching a movie? If you have family members or your signifier other at your side, you can cry all you want and blame the movie ahahah

Seriously, some of these films do not have sad endings per se, but they are still movies that make us cry, whether for a scene or even when the ending is not the most desired.

I used to be a tough one when it comes to crying in movies, but with the years I have changed and nowadays, I cry with a movie much more easily. Do you feel the same?

Here is the list of movies that though we have seen them three-time, still make us cry. Let me know in the comments which movie always make you cry!

1. A walk to Remember

This film is an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book, is it necessary to say more? Landon, a popular student, makes a series mistake and is forced to join a theater group while provide community services. Then he meets Jamie and falls in love. The problem is that she hides a very sad secret.

2. The Help

Set in the 1960s, a girl from high society returns to Mississippi determined to become a writer. For this, she begins to interview the black women of the city, who work and raise the children of the elite. This movie is so much more than this and I really advice you to see it, if you never did. It’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, sad but very good!

3. Now is Good

This movie tells the life of Tessa, who suffers from leukemia and decides to make a list of everything she wants to do before she dies. Of course, at that moment she meets the love of her life. I cried horribly with this movie, I think this one and ‘About Time’ were the movies that I cried the most in my life.

4. About Time

Don’t think this is just another romantic movie! No, this is a movie that will leave you sad and reflective for a while, but is worth it! Tim turns 21 and discovers that all the men in his family are capable of time travel, but only for the past and within his own life. At first it s great, but then he discovers some implications that come with this gift.

5. P.S I love You

Holly and Gerry’s love story is the saddest! They are a perfect and passionate couple. She dedicates her life to him, but then he dies. The movie starts after that, when she starts receiving a series of letters left by Gerry to help her overcome her grief. I always cry when she says that she no longer feels him.

6. Pear Harbor

This movie is a classic that tells the story of two long-time friend pilots who fall in love with the same woman (lucky girl!), but need to come together when the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor naval base in 1941. The soundtrack of this movie is also very good but sad (listen Faith Hill- There you’ll be).

7. Marley and Me

I still haven’t decided which one I find the saddest – ‘Marley and Me’ or ‘A dog’s Purpose’. Both are movies that tell the story of dogs and both are very special and sad. ‘Marley and Me’ tells the story of Marley, a Labrador, since he was adopted by a young couple who welcomes him until the end. Really, until the end. I always cry liters!

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