Darphin Intral De-Puffing Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream [REVIEW]

Hello beauties,

Skincare is something that I like to give a good try for a couple of months before writing a review. I have been using the Darphin Intral eye cream for 4 months, and this cream was a huge surprise for me because I could have easily written the review on the first week of using it, to not say in the day after the first try.

Why?! keep reading to know more about the benefits of using the Darphin Intral De-Puffing Anti-Oxidant eye cream.

This cream has a composition of 74% natural ingredients and is free of parabens.

The main ingredients of this cream are:

  • Chamomile
  • Hawthorn
  • Peony
  • Powerful anti- oxidants

The Intral Eye Cream has a lot of functions, such as:

  • protection of external aggressors
  • reduce puffiness
  • reduce dark circles
  • moisturize
  • sooth the skin

It is a gel formula, suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive ones. It is to be used in the morning and evening. I personally just use in the morning because is when I feel like I need more the beneficiaries of this cream


I have been using Darphin for months and like I said a few posts ago, Darphin is a brand that I like, the products are good, most are formulated with natural ingredients and I like the way they work.what they battle off.  If you do a little research on the blog you will find more reviews of Darphin products. On the other hand, there are the eye creams, if you’re not new here, you know that my under eyes are my Achilles´heel when we speak about the face.

This cream was a huge surprise for me since the first try. I’m not used to seeing instant results when applying eye cream, usually, the effects are long term effects, not instantly.

On the first attempt, I felt a fresh sensation which is always a good feeling, especially now that we are boiling in this hot weather, but what surprised me more, was the blur effect that I saw. I’m writing this post in the middle of the day, while I’m on the pharmacy working and I’m without makeup. I would never in a million years, thought that I would leave the house to work without putting concealer on, and here I am.

I honestly see immediate results in terms of dark circles, they disappear, giving the under eyes a glow like you apply a natural illuminator there. The area also looks smooth and with almost zero texture.

I never suffered much with puffiness so I can’t give you a proper opinion about that effect, but I can tell you that my eyes look okay after applying this product, so I think it will give a good result in terms of that.

My cream is almost in the end and I’m already crying for it. Do you want to give it a try? Click here to buy, the price is around $60 (the link is not affiliated and unfortunately I don’t have a code for you). My opinion is that this product is a little expensive but honestly it is worth it.

Do you have any suggestions for another cream for me to try or have you tried this one? I would love to know how was your experience with it?


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