The product that has been saving the hands of the health care professionals

Hello beauties,

I know, what a title, right?! But at the end of this post, you will understand and maybe advise the people around you to use this product.

First of all, the brand that owns this product doesn’t know who we are and that we are using this product or even reviewing this product. Our opinion is the most honest possible and we are writing you this post to help people that like us, are suffering from extra dry hands.

But saving from what?! If you don’t know, you’re probably living under a rock because since the beginning of the year, we are living in a pandemic world and we need to be extra careful with the hygiene, specially on the hands.

The measures of hygiene are simple and followed not only by the health care professional workers but by everyone! If you want to know more about what you need to do, you can click here and read our post about the Covid-19.

One of these measures is to disinfect the hands. We as a health professionals need even more because we are in contact with people that we don’t know if is infected or not. As a pharmacist, I can honestly say that I use disinfectant, alcohol, and other types of solutions in the hands almost every single minute or at least between clients.

Can you imagine the state of my hands in the end of the day or even at the end of almost five months?! My hands are super dry, but they could be worse if I didn’t found this product on time.

The product that I’m here talking about is the Neutrogena Cica-Repair Hand mask.

This mask is a powerful moisturizer for the hands that in 10 minutes does the work that a hand cream does in one week.

It is basically a glove that is enriched with glycerine, that should be applied in dry and clean hands for 10 minutes and after it, massage the excess of product. Sometimes I use it during the 10 minutes but when I fell my hands extra-extra dry, I like to sleep with it and I know that I will wake up with the hands of a baby.

The results of this mask are incredible. It leaves your hands hydrated and you will feel that during the week, like an invisible velvet barrier that protects your hands from the disinfectants. I’m not saying for you not to stop using hand cream all week. of course not, but honestly you will feel more results with this product.

Maybe the title was a little clickbait, but if everyone knew about this product and using it, I believe they would call it a ‘life-hands-saver’.

I advise you to tell everyone about it and try, you won’t be disappointed.


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