Hello beauties,

When it comes to skincare, this month we didn’t have one but two surprises! Both will be available in the end of the month and both look so good that I want to spend all my money on them! And yes, I am talking about the launch of Fenty Skin and One Size!


Fenty Skin, as the name implies, belongs to the well known Fenty beauty and started well, with the launch os three products: the Total Cleanser, Fat Water Toner and Day Cream with SPF. Three products that complement each other quite well. We have to take the hat to Rihanna (or Rihanna’s advisers) because they chose three products that, despite being at the beginning of the brand, complete a simple skincare routine. Launches July 31, exclusively on the website.


Because #fentyskin was not enough, we also have the launch of One Size, a brand owned by a youtuber and beauty influencer that I love and have been a fan for many years, for his friendliness, beauty and intelligence – Patrick Starrr! I have been waiting for Patrick to launch a brand for years (he has some collaborations with MAC), and I am very excited because being a makeup artist, I think he knows what us common mortals need – in this case, a good range of makeup removers! #OneSize started with two products: Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist ($24) and Go Off Juciest Makeup Remover Wipes ($15/ 21wipes). Both products will be available online July 17th and at Sephora stores on July 30th US & Canada.

Note: Fenty Skin images were taken from instagram, while One Size photos are from their website.

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