What does the status of my order mean?

Hello beauties,

Who has never bought something online? The answer is probably everyone (well, not my grandmother but you understand). And who has never had a change in the status of the order and did not know what it meant?

I’m the fist to get my hands on the air and scream Me Me Me! I have to admit that even having some experience in online ordering, I sometimes find myself in situations where I still don’t understand what is happening with my parcel. So today, I decided to share with you what I learned and what some states of the order mean.

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There are 5 changes in order status when successfully placed:

1. Sucess/ Paid – if you selected PayPal, Visa or ATM and already made the payment, the status of your order immediately changes to ‘paid’, which means that they received the payment.

1.1. Awaiting payment/ Awaiting confirmation of payment/ Pending – it usually happens when orders are paid by ATM and depends on the online store and the bank. It can usually take a few minutes or even hours to receive payment confirmation on your mail. This does not normally happen in payment by PayPal. And pay attention to the fact that in international transfers this step can take a little longer.

2. In progress – the order is already in production process. This may be the most time-consuming phase if articles are made by hand.

3. Shipped – the order was shipped and as a rule this mean that your personal data are in the post office/deliver company and that you have already been provided with a tracking number where you can exactly see where your parcel is.

4. In transit – the parcel is on its way. This step can be delayed depending on the package deliver company.

5. Finalized/ Delivered.

There are still other situations that you have to keep in mind and that mean that something is not right.

  • Delivery failed – an attempt was made to deliver your parcel, please contact the deliver company. If they don’t resolve the problem, contact the online store.
  • Denied – please contact your bank or see if your card data is right (see the card’s expiration date, it happened to me!).
  • Canceled – contact the online store to see what happened.
  • Returned – your order was returned to the online store.
  • Abandoned – you have not completed the order.Keep in mind that when you add items to the shopping cart, the items are not automatically reserved. As long as you do not complete your order the items will continue to be available to other buyers.
  • Order in Customs – this is the most boring phase that can happen in international orders. In Portugal, orders outside Europe can get stuck in customs. When that happens, we have to contact customs and send a copy of the purchase invoice. If the buy is less than 20€, we don’t have to pay anything but if it exceeds 20€, we have to pay a percentage of the purchase price. Either way, the order is stopped at customs for ate least 1 week (and I’m being very nice).
Let me know in the comments if there are other situations that happened to you.

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