Neutrogena Cica-Repair foot mask [REVIEW]

Hello beauties,

After trying the hand mask that is currently saving my hands (here), I did a little research on other Neutrogena products and the foot mask came to my attention.


Well, because I have a problem with applying cream on my foot. Usually, we apply cream at night when we are going to sleep but I can’t handle the fact of going to bed and not clean my hands after applying the cream on the feet. That’s a problem! Because I have to go to the bathroom with the feet all moisturized and being in danger of fall or just leave my trace on the floor. So it’s rare for me to apply any cream in my foot and in the next picture you will see the result. (I’m sorry for the picture, I know my foot are not the prettiest).

The Neutrogena Cica-repair came very handily because my hands don’t need to touch in the cream, so there is no need of cleaning them.

This foot mask is composed of glycerin and other moisturizing components that bring moisture since the first application.

The package is very similar to the hand mask. It’s just for one use, but there is so much product left in the package that I would suggest Neutrogena to modify the package, using something that would allow to close the package, while preserving the rest of the product to use in another time or during the rest of the week.

You should apply this mask in clean and dry foot, leaving it for 10 minutes, and then remove the ‘socks’ and massage until the excess is absorbed, never rinse the excess.

Because I have the skin of my foot so dry, I let it act all night, don’t worry the skin will not fall, my foot are fine so you can also leave there all night.

Final thoughts

Neutrogena once again didn’t let me down and once again I love a product from them. I just used once (last night, so I can’t tell you how long the feeling of hydrated feet will last), but I can honestly say that I never had my feet so hydrated and moisturized. I don’t feel the usual dryness and I can touch the skin, something that I wasn’t able to do, (I can’t tell you why, but the feeling was not good).

Of course, this mask is not a pedicure, so it won’t remove that ugly dry excess of skin and other foot problems, but I can assure you that will let them more hydrated, with the dryness less visible and a healthy aspect.

I believe that with continuation, the excess of dry skin will be more soft, easy to remove, and will not appear so often.

I’m once again blown away with a Neutrogena product. Well done!


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