I tried an Ultrasonic Scrub Device

Hello beauties,

Have you tried an Ultrasonic Scrub device? It has a lot of impressive claims – unclogs pores, gets rid of dry, flaky skin, reduces excess oil, and removes blackheads and whiteheads.

On today’s post, I’m going to write about my experience using the TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub device (TB-1769). I’ve been putting it to the test for the last two weeks and I have an opinion formed.

The ultrasonic scrub device, like the name, says works by high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to remove junk from the skin on one side and when you flick it over, it helps skincare penetrate deeper.

This is where my freaky side appears because I think the best part is to see the cleanout clog pores on the spatula. Don’t believe, then wait because I have photos to show you. If you liked, just google it and you’ll see some gross stuff.

The first step is to remove your makeup and cleanse the skin. Then make sure the skin is moistened with water or your favorite toner. Never use it with the skin dry!!!

Then double touch the power touch switch and slide the intensity touch switch bar (do not slide it too fast), the maximum is 5 levels and I started on the first week in maybe a level 1, and in the second week in level 2-3.

The spatula has two sides, this is the side you want to use if you want the cleansing function (image) and then there’s the side that you use to the massage function (image).

Cleansing Mode
Massage Mode

I always start by the cleansing function. You should place the spatula blade on the skin at a 30 angle. Move it slowly on your skin in an ascending movement.

The vibration noise is a little loud but it doesn’t bother me, it also doesn’t hurt at all and the feeling is very pleasant. The skin can turn a little red but give it 10 seconds and it disappears.

I tried it on mine and my nephew’s skin. Every time that I try a product that somehow has something to do with blackheads, I know I have to try it on my nephew. He’s the ‘king’ when it comes to blackheads (very stubborn ones). After seeing the image don’t you agree?

My experience

1st use (entire face) – I used water instead of a tonic

2nd use (entire face) – the white is tonic and oil

My nephew experince

1st use (nose)
2nd use (nose)

Remember when I told you about the gross images? You ask, I deliver. Look how many blackheads this took from the nose of my nephew. Gross.

My advice to you is to use a hot towel before using the device, to open the pores. After using the spatula, you should wash your face because you just got the gunk out. And then you dry it and do your normal routine of skincare.

Then it’s time to use the massage function.

After applying the moisturizer, place the edge of the Ultrasonic Spatula blade on the skin and move it slowly to massage your face. I like this function. I have oily skin and when I use this function I feel that the skin absorb all the products. You know when you use a cream and after an hour you still feel it on the skin, well with this device I feel my skin dry, in a good way. I feel the moisturizer being absorbed on the skin.

Final thoughts

I like the idea of exfoliating my skin and take all that dead skin and if you have clogged pores that are stuck, I do feel that this machine helps to get it out (see all the blackheads I took on the first use), or at least loosen it up with continuous using.

At first, I didn’t believe I would like to use a device like this but I have to say that I’m liking the experience and that I will continuing using it 1-2 times a week.

This device was offered to us by TOUCHBeauty in exchange for our opinion. I honestly don’t know if I could give the money for this product. Does it work? yeah! But it’s a little bit expensive, at least for my wallet. But if I think it worths it? Yes.

I have to admit that the device looks very expensive, the lines are luxurious and very futuristic. It looks beautiful in any bathroom/room counter. The charging base has a wireless charging system which is also a plus.

My only complaint is the power touch switch because it’s really sensitive and sometimes I accidentally touch it while I’m using the device.

If you are like one of those people that like to see your pores unclogged then this may be the product for you!
TOUCHBeauty was kind enough to give us a special code for you, we don’t win anything but you can enjoy a special discount. Code: beautyworkers (15% off for the Ultrasonic Scrub Device) or click here.

Note: this is not an ad, TOUCHBeauty offered this product for us to try in exchange of our honest opinion/review. The link is not affiliate.

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