Accessories Trend: Hair Scarves

Hello beauties,

If you ask me what’s my favorite summer accessory, I would have to say … a scarf! I love to use it on my hair, and the best is that there are millions of ways to use one. I have some favorites, of course, but I like to use it in different ways according to my outfit on that day and of course according to the place that I go.

On today’s post, I’m going to show you some ways of how I use a save in the hair and hopefully give you some ideas if you are looking ways to use that special scarf that you have in your collection.

On a side note, for you which is the correct plural of scarf – scarfs or scarves? Both are correct, but there’s a difference in the pronunciation! Scarves is more popular than Scarfs, does it sound more correct to you? Pretend that I wrote this post the way you prefer.

Let me know what’s is your favorite way to use a hair scarf.

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