My experience with NEUTROGENA Hydro Boost Wipes

Hello beauties,

If I asked you what are the most famous make-up wipes in the makeup community, what would be your answer? My would have to be Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost wipes.

Working in a pharmacy allows me contact with Neutrogena products everyday, and for some time I wanted to bring their wipes to try. My expectations were high… just see how influencer Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho) talks about these wipes and you will want to try them too.

Taking advantage of the promotion of take two-pay one, I brought a pack of wipes that costed 5,80€ (each package was 2,90€), which taking into account the notoriety that these wipes have in the beauty community and the usual price of them, turned out to be a good deal.

I’ve been using them for the last month and what I like about them is:

  • The size of the wipes are ideal, making one wipe more than enough for me, where with other brands I needed more than one.
  • The scent of the wipes is not the most pleasant, but the fact that’s not too strong, makes it tolerable.
  • Removes makeup completely, COMPLETELY! Including the most stubborn mascara. They work 100% when it comes to removing products from the skin. I usually use a cleansing oil after but the skin is always clean.
  • They don’t leave the skin oilier. I do think they are perfect for combo/oily skin.

Now, I can’t believe I have bad things to say about a Neutrogena product but I have to be honest and say that I didn’t had the most pleasant experience with this product. What I don’t like:

  • It burned my nose skin. My skin is a little sensitive but nothing major and these wipes irritated so much my skin. I woke up with my skin around the nose peeling. I decided to give a second chance but in the next day my skin was burned, red and it hurts. Imagine the pain after a week of blowing the nose with tissue. It was the exactly same pain. Every cream that I used burned and it only stoped when I stoped using the wipes.
  • I know that these wipes should not be used to remove lipstick and they even give us the advice to not use the wipes in the lips. But I used them around the lips, AROUND, to take off the foundation and my entire lips hurt. A lot. They burned when I ate and when I didn’t. Like I had been in a cold weather for a month. Don’t use these wipes in the lips, not even around the lips. Keep them away, very away of the lips.
  • The tissue is very rough, I think these wipes along with removing the makeup, do a little exfoliation.
  • They don’t provide enough hydration. I don’t advice them if you are looking for hydration wipes.

These wipes work well and do their job at makeup removal but I don’t think I will buy them again for the pure fact that it irritated my skin a lot around the nose…I will however use the second package and be very careful to not use them around the nose area.

What do you think about these wipes? I feel so bad to talk about a product when I only see good reviews about it, I wish I had a good experience.

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