The best Sephora sales ever | Mini Haul

Hello beauty,

I was missing a good-old makeup post. I think we don’t talk about makeup for quite some time and I miss it! I miss using a lipstick, I miss the freedom of not needing to use a mask. Well, the times are different and we have to agree that the use of mask is necessary and should be our new normal.

I don’t know what to think about the latest Sephora sales. I don’t know about your country, but here in Portugal, we never have big big sales and the products that normally they include in the sales are not recent. But I don’t know what happened because I bought some products in the first day of sales and I think I found some unicorns.

Don’t believe? Give me 1 minute and you’ll change.

TOO FACED | Peach Puff Matte Lip Color in The Flesh

I payed 4,95€ instead of 20.90€ (now it’s 14,90€)

KVD | Metal Crush Liquid Highlighter in Gammaray

I payed 2€ instead of 25,90€ (now it’s 16€)

SHISEIDO | Sun Protection Lotion FPS 15

4,95€ instead of 36,95€

SEPHORA COLLECTION | Hand Cleansing Gel in Eau de coco

2€ instead of 3,50€

I think the website was broken that day. It’s the only explanation, because after a couple of hours (after I have paid for my order), I checked the prices and they were all changed. I’m so mad with me because I should have bought more products but I was so dumb. It happens. I saw an Origins cream at 5 euros, what? I saw a Dior blush at 12€ and a lot of more products. Luckily I warned some friends and some of them still enjoyed these prices.

If you live in Portugal, stay tuned with Sephora discounts, they are always bigger in the day they start and normally in the morning, never at night because that’s when they check the prices.

Tell me, what do you think? I think these were pretty big discounts, don’t you think?

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