Zara Haul: Site vs Reality

Hello beauties,

Recently I ordered some pieces from Zara’s website that were in my wishlist for a while. Finally I had the courage to make an order and finish the pain that’s dreaming about Zara clothes.

I waited for my parcel to arrive with such expectative, because I knew that this order would be a 10 of a 10!

When it arrived I was so disappointed that I can’t even tell you how sad I was for the pieces that I had been looking for weeks. To say that when I finally had the pieces on my hands it was not what I was expecting is not enough.

I need to do a disclosure, because we have to be real and know that everyone has a different type of body so what I don’t like to see in myself, doesn’t mean that won’t look good on you. Even now when I think about some of these pieces, mainly the dresses, I think they will be perfect in someone with more curves.

So let’s start this haul. I’m going to post a picture of myself with the clothes and the image that is on the Zara site so you can see the difference.

White Midi Skirt (ref. 7743/585) 39.95Eur

Black Midi Dress (ref. 7913/307) 39.95Eur

Orange Dress (ref. 7736/570) 59.95Eur

Printed Midi length skirt (ref. 7834/277) 39.96Eur

Even though I picked the smallest sizes in Zara, we can see that every single piece looked big on me. I don’t know what happened with the latest Zara collection but the sizes are really big.

In the end, I kept the black dress and I’m thinking about doing some little alterations. It’s probably not showing in the photo but the straps keep falling.

The orange dress is gorgeous and will be perfect in someone with more curves than me.

Did you like this type of post, where we show the reality of the clothes that we see on the websites?


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