Slide Sandals: the trend I surrendered

Hello beauties,

Remember the rubber pool sandals that some sport brands have eternalized, and became a trend thanks to Hip Hop (always combined with generally white socks). Well, these sandals are the slide sandals, and now they have gained much more exquisite versions. Thank you!!

The flat sandals, with a sash on the front, can be your best friend this summer (or what left of the summer). In addition to being able to combine them with almost all summer clothes, they are also very comfortable (and practical).

This model is a good substitute for beach flip flops but also suitable for summer in the city and for any working day.

I surrender to this trend and after seeing a lot of people with those, I had to buy a pair for me. After a happy coincidence I found a great deal at Seaside, a Portuguese brand of shoes and ended buying two pairs with different colors.

Seaside €9,90 (each pair)

After using both, I can say that these flats are great! The price was amazing (9,90€ each) and they are the most practical shoes I ever wore in the summer. They are easy to put on and take off and that’s something that we need right now when we arrive at home. Also they are really easy to clean.

There are some other models that you can chose, some are from the new collection and others are in sales, so enjoy!

1. Mango €25,99 €12,99 | 2. Chloé €595 €297 | 3. Uterque €79 | 4. Zara 25,99 | 5. Bershka €22,99 €7,99 | 6. H&M €24,99 €16,00 | 7. Zara €19,95 | 8. Zara €25,99 | 9. Prada €450 | 10. Bottega Veneta €480 | 11. Zara €25,95 | 12. Massimo Dutti €69,95 | 13. Topshop €13

note: this is not an ad, sponsored or contain any affiliate link.

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