I fell in love with a discontinued lipstick!

Hello beauties,

I’m sad. Why, you ask? Well, I tried my first Too Faced Peach Puff Long-Wearing Matte Lip Color and I absolutely fell in love, head over heels, cupid shot me..well you understand the picture! The bad news is that I can’t find this product on Sephora’s website and on Too faced website! Why?

Too Faced Peach Puff Long-Wearing Matte Lip Color ‘In Flesh’

Do you know the reason why these lipsticks are no longer available? I can not understand why, this is a great product – smells divine (peaches, like the entire peaches collection), the color is absolutely what I was looking for and gorgeous, and the concept of the package is great. Ok, the applicator is not my favorite but in its defense, I was never the biggest fan of puff lipsticks!

I bought the color In Flesh at a fantastic price. Don’t you believe? Then make the math with me, it is priced 20,90€ on sephora.pt, then on sales it was 14,90€ and I bought it for 4,90€! It was one of that opportunities that nobody can’t miss! My only regret was not buying these lipsticks in every color!

What do I have more to say about this lipstick? It is very easy to apply, adheres very well to the lips, it is comfortable and although it sticks a little when applied, when dries, the lips are full matte (a comfortable matte).

Yes, it is one of those lipsticks that we forget that we are using. We can apply more or less product, according to the taste of every person, to do this simply rotate the base.

In spite of being long lasting, as it fades, it becomes a tattoo-like stain on the lips.

If I had to name a disadvantage of this lipstick, it would be the fact that it doesn’t goes well with dry lips, or you can notice a bit of ‘crumbling’ on the lips (nothing major, don’t worry), which is not uncommon on most matte lipsticks.

Do you know where I can find these lipsticks?

e-mail: beuatyworkerslife@gmail.com

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