Maybe the last summer look of 2020

Hello beauties,

Maybe you already are thinking on fall but in Portugal, we are in a heatwave (literally melting), and I though on sharing with you the looks that I wore last week when I went on vacation to Algarve, Portugal. If you never went there, then I recommend you to go because it’s the perfect place for summer vacations – nice weather, hot water (24 degrees, cool right?), excellent food (one of Portugal best feature), and safe, which is important this year.

I took photos of the looks I used during the week to show you, maybe inspire and help you decide what to use on your summer vacations if you still have days to enjoy this heat.

Hope you like it, I will try to link all the pieces and if I don’t find them, I will try to find something similar. I always like to know the sizes of the clothes (for comparison when I want to buy a similar piece), when I read these types of posts on other bloggers, so I’m going to add the size on the images.

Outfit 1

Top (S): Mango / pants (34): MangoOutlet

Outfit 2

Dress (XS): Mango / sneakers (36): Lacoste bought on River Island

Outfit 3

shirt (S): Lefties / pants (34): MangoOutlet

Outfit 4

Jumpsuit (34): Mango

Outfit 5

Blouse (XS): Zara / Belt: H&M / skirt (XS): Zara / sandals (36): Guess

Outfit 6

Shirt (XS): Zara / shorts (34): MangoOutlet / Sandals (36): Guess

Outfit 7

Body (S): Stradivarius / Skirt (xs): Zara / Sandals (36): Guess

I apologize if some pieces are sold out, but you can add your email on the wishlist and they will contact you when it’s available again.

Let me know in the comments what was your favorite outfit.

Hope you liked this post


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