TONYMOLY I’m Acerola Mask Sheet

Hello beauties,

It’s been a while since I used a new mask sheet. Honestly, before Covid I feel like I had much more strength and time to use sheet masks. Now when I arrive home, I just want to get cozy on my sofa with Netflix or a good book. I’ve been lazy when it comes to skincare, just using the basics and essentials. And because of that, I’ve been noticing my skin a little less alive, radiant. So I went to my mask sheet drawer and scooped one of my last purchases pre-COVID – Tonymoly I’m Acerola Mask Sheet.

The acelora mask contains natural acerola extract with abundant vitamin-C to make your skin lively.

How to use: Tear open and apply to face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then remove.

It was really easy to use, but I have to say that the area for the eyes are really small, or my eyes are too big, I don’t know. The mask was drenched in product, so much that I used the excess on my neckline, hands and arms.

I tried masks that adheres better to the skin but this one is not the worst that I tried, you can perfectly move your head without losing the mask in the process.

When I took out the mask, I massaged the rest of the product and my skin absorbed everything. After a couple of minutes I noticed that my skin was very sticky, like glue. I joked that if I ran around the house, I would grab mosquitos and all the flies, they would stick to my skin. An authentic trap ahah

So I had to wash my face, only with water. I didn’t need soap. When I went to dry the skin, I noticed it very soft (like a baby). I didn’t noticed my normal oily skin more oily, on the contrary, the oils were very controlled, even on the next day. Now, about the promised radiance…I didn’t noticed a lot of difference. I noticed a more hydrated skin and overall more healthy, with less oil and very soft.

Have you tried this mask? Did you noticed your skin sticky too? What mask do you recommend to me?


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