Martiderm Black Diamond Ionto-Filler Lip and Eye Contour

Hello beauties,

Today I bring you the review of not one but two skincare products.

Martiderm is not a new brand for me. If you follow this blog for a while, you know that we already reviewed some of their products, and I personally really like this brand. Their products are not extra pricy and are effective.

Today, like you already read on the title, I tried the Black Diamond Ionto-Filler Lip and Eye Contour.

These are two different products that you need to buy separately, but I had the chance to try both at the same time and, because their science/technology is the same, I thought that was a good idea to talk about both products.

Without more delays let’s deep into the Black Diamond Ionto-Fillers.

Black Diamond is a Martiderm’s range that has as objective delay the signs of age. It’s composed of 8 different products. I went to the presentation of this range three years ago (click here to read about it) and, I’m still very impressed with the formulation of the creams. I tried them, and my skin loved it.

There are three Ionto-Fillers – for the lips, eyes, and forehead. I just need to try this last one.

These fillers are made of transepidermal plasters that provide firms and decrease the visible wrinkles in an immediate way but also in a long term form, of the zone where is applied.

Now the differences between both of them, and not just the obvious one: one is for the eyes and the other for the lips.

Black Diamond Ionto-Filler lip contour

The main active is hyaluronic acid which has the function of hydrating the area.

The package brings an ionizing gel made of hyaluronic acid that with the help of the plaster gives a filler effect, improving the structure of the skin; it also gives a moisturizing effect, increasing the water retention, and an elasticity effect enhancing the reorganization of the extracellular matrix.

Black Diamond Ionto-Filler eye contour

The main active is the DMAE that has main function firm and tight the skin.

DMAE is a molecule that we have naturally on our body that was discovered and studied. It was discovered that this molecule has 4 main functions: anti-aging; lifting; reduce the fine lines, and combat the flaccidity. It also can promote the water retention of the skin.

This package also brings an ionizing gel with the DMAE compound that with the help of the plasters, penetrates the skin moisturizing the surface of the skin but also the deeper layers. With the penetration of the DMAE in the more deep layers, it promotes all the functions of the molecule that I mentioned above.

Mode of application

It’s the same for both plasters.

1 – take the plasters of the package;

2 – Apply the gel in the grey zone of the plaster;

3 – Remove the top protector paper;

4 – Apply the plaster in a clean and dry skin;

5 – Wait for 20 minutes;

6 – Remove and clean the excess of product with a cotton.

You should apply during 15 days, 2 times per week

My opinion

My opinion maybe in this case is not the final, because I’m writing this post with only a use of the products and not what is supposed to do, that is 15 days. But they say that we have immediate results, so I’m going to keep my opinion on the visible and immediate effect that we can see.

First of all, it’s suit for all skin types, and that is good because some of these plasters can sometimes be a little harsh in more sensitive skin. I have normal skin that usually doesn’t react to products, with some exceptions, and in the first 10 minutes I felt a little irritation in one of the eye areas. The feeling disappeared with the time, and when I took it off, I didn’t notice a red zone or mark of it.

In terms of wrinkles, I can’t give a final verdict because fortunately, I don’t suffer “yet” of it, I’m 30 years old so they are not a deep mark but my line of the lips was less prominent, and that was a good surprise for me.

I do noticed my eye area more hydrated after I took it off and also more even.

After saying this, I can’t wait for the opportunity to do the 15 days because if I had these results in one application, I can imagine with the 4 uses.

If you want to buy these products, the prince is around 50€ each.


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