My first visit to a clothing store in the middle of a pandemic

Hello beauties,

I thought a lot if I should write this post or not, but I think that many of you may be going through the same as me and I decided to share with you the experience that was my first visit to a clothing store since the Covid-19 appeared.

I am a very stressful person, and I admit that I have a horrible fear of becoming infected with Covid, for myself and my family, and that is why since this pandemic started, I never went to a shopping center, much less to a clothing store.

All the shopping I’ve been doing has been online. However, last week I saw myself “forced” to go to a shopping center – I needed coffee and after some problems with Nespresso online order, I decided it was time to gain some courage and try to go to a shopping center. The situation in Portugal is not good, but it’s not the worst if we compare the numbers with the rest of Europe.

I decided to go after lunch time (I think that’s the better time to see less people) and armed with two masks (one surgical and one fabric) I arrived at the destination.

Spoiler alert: I only managed to get into two clothing stores, not because they were full of people but because after a while I started to feel some panic and decided that the best thing would be to leave.

In both stores there was a security guard who counted the number of people and ‘forced’ each person to put a little alcohol in their hands before entering. My goal was just to go to Zara, but when passing by Stradivarius, I was amazed by the pastel tones that their new collection presents, So I decided to go in, and in a few minutes I bought a bralette top that I really liked.

ref. 6187/312-I2020

This type of top can be used alone, with a white shirt or with a simple shirt. I have shirts at home, but when I went through the long-sleeved blouses, I decided to buy one that I think will look great with the top, but also alone. It’s a basic blast shirt that can be combined with several sets, and a key piece that we should all have in a wardrobe.

ref. 5000/710-I2020

I don’t have black blouses in abundance so I decided to buy another black house with a little padded sleeves. I also bought a wallet, however I have to say that it was not a good purchase, because the lock hurts my fingers a lot.

Then I wen to my destination – Zara. Here I met more people, that was when I started to feel some panic. People passed me almost glued and although some were careful and did not approach, many did not have any kind of care. I was looking at clothes and immediate felt someone right next to me, or behind. Horrible.

I managed to find the leggings I was looking for, with the help of a collaborator, not in the color I wanted but in another color. Did I but them? No. Why not, you ask? Well, the leggings were tiny, they looked like tights. I should have gone try them but I didn’t have the courage to go to the fitting rooms. The same happened with another pair of leggings. I took the XS but I was in doubt if it would fit me. At the time I just wanted to get out of there.

The leggings that looked like tights have the reference 7901/316 (15,95€) if you know them, tell me what you think of them! Do they adapt well to the body, or are they really a kind of tights?

I decided to think about it and I will either try to get it back next week or else I will end up making an online purchase. What do you think?


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