[Part 2] My first visit to a clothing store in the middle of a pandemic

Hello beauties,

Did you think my adventure on a clothing store ended last week? No… Today I tell you about the second part of this adventure which is having to go back to a clothing store in the middle of a pandemic. It is not beautiful nor an experience hat I advice you, because although we have to return to our normal life, or our new normal life, we also have to be aware that the number of cases are increasing (again) and therefore we must avoid all situations that may be dangerous.

Having said that, I must admit that my second visit to a clothing store went much better than the first. Maybe because I chose to go to another shopping center, but also because this time I decided to go right away to open the store.

That is definitely the best time to go to a store, at least in Portugal. the store was empty! There was me, another girl and two employees.

I only returned to Stradivarius because I need to change the top that I show you in the last post, here, I bought it in size XS, without trying it and I was amazed when I tried it at home and saw that it didn’t fit me. It was so tight that it hurt to undress it. I don’t know if I gained weight a little bit, probably, or if Stradivarius’ numbers are smaller.

I absolutely loved the top, the pattern and the way I imagine wearing it, even though I couldn’t breathe with it.

However, I didn’t like to see it the way I imagine it. My goal was to wear it with a black shirt, in theory but in real life looked awful. I admite that I liked the top alone, but I wanted a top to wear on top of a blouse! So I did some research and found another top in imitation leather, which theoretically would be perfect with the damn black shirt!

The one I had in size XS
The one I wanted to try in size S

When I entered the store I found the top in black and light camel. And this time, I went to the fitting room!

Here was my mistake, in the way to the fitting room I saw more pieces that I wanted to try – a jacket, a blouse, pants and a pair of leggings. Why? I knew it was a bad idea.

I tried the tops, but I didn’t like how they flattened the bust area. It felt like I had been kicked in my chest, which alone is not big, and with the top was completely visible. I didn’t not like it. I went from a top that emphasized a lot to one that made everything disappear.

After all this, I found myself changing the top that was small on me to a pair of knitted pants and a jacket/blazer! And I was just going to change the size of the top!

Do these type of situations happens to you?

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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