Martiderm The Originals Urban Detox Mask

Hello beauties,

The Originals is I think, my favorite line of Martiderm. The serum Urban Force of day and The Urban Restore of the night of this range are some of the best serums that I ever tried. So when I saw this mask I was super excited to try it.

Working in a pharmacy means that I need to wear a mask all day without taking it off, and my skin has been really in a good shape (knock on the wood), but sometimes I see small bumps in my chin area mainly because of the mask that is always touching the skin and promoting humidity in the area, creating a beautiful ambient to breakouts.

This mask came to my hands at the perfect time because my skin right now is on a point where it needs to be “detoxified”.

According to the informations, the Martiderm Urban Detox Mask is to make an intensive detox to a skin that is involved in external aggressions like, stress (check), solar exposition, and contamination (check).

The two main ingredients are Vitamin C to give the anti-oxidant effect and, the D-Tox Complex that is composed of Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a patented compound that provides the ‘intense detox effect’.

Mode of application

  • apply the mask on a clean and dry face, starting by adjusting the eye area;
  • leave it for 15 to 20 minutes;
  • remove the mask;
  • massage the face to help the absorption of the remain serum.

It is recommended to apply this mask once or twice per week.

My Opinion

I am writing this post two days after applying the mask, properly to see if I could see some improvements in my chin area.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of my face before applying the mask but as I said above I had a pimple and some really small bumps of whiteheads.

Right now the pimple is still there but didn’t evolve and it’s already drying and almost not visible.

As for the whiteheads, some went away others were easier to take off because the mask pushed them to the outside, which is good. After all, that means that is cleaning from the inside to the outside.

It’s a very soaked mask, and this means that you need to be careful removing from the package, to not wet everything around you, and your clothes.

They recommend the application for just a maxim of 20 minutes, but I left it much more time than that because of the excess of serum that was still on the mask.

After removing the mask, my face was so soaked with the remaining serum that I massaged it and didn’t apply my night skincare cream, only the eye cream, because I was afraid that was too much.

Overall I’m happy with the results, and I want to see if with continuation my chin area gets clean.

Ohh about the scent, I didn’t felt any so I think it will be suitable for the sensitive ones.

If you want to try, it comes in a package with 10 sheet masks and cost 13€,

Hope you liked this post



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