My favorite Dove Products: great quality and price!

Hello beauties,

Dove is a well known brand and it’s difficult to find someone that doesn’t know the unique scent of a Dove’s Original. Am I right?

I have such good memories, when I was younger, of taking baths and using Dove’s original bath shower. How I miss those days!

After a couple of years I stopped using Dove shower gel and not too long ago I bought one and it was such good to remember what I was missing. Between the last time that I used Dove and now, the brand launched a lot of new scents and I have to be honest and say that since then I bought different scents to try.

Do I have a favorite? Maybe. And I have to say maybe because I truly like them all. But the Nourishing Silk has a scent that I love.

Although I didn’t use Dove shower gel for some years, when it comes to deodorants the story is different. I always used Dove deodorants, that’s the only brand between all the others that I tried that does;t make me hurt my armpits. And yes, I already went to a doctor and she said that some deodorants along with hair removal can inflammation the pores.

That doesn’t happen when I use Dove deodorant. I think I tried them all, and I have two favorites: the Original and the one for black clothes. Currently I’m using the original and the Pear.

Recently I received a body cream that I didn’t knew and it became one of my favorite body creams: the Youthful Vitality.

This is from the range Derma Spa and from what I know, there’s also a hand cream with the same scent. The Youthful Vitality body lotion promises to leave the skin with a younger-look and more resilient. It smells divine, the skin looks so more hydrated and feels soft and firm.

The price is amazing for the quality, and in my opinion it’s in the same podium a Caudalie body cream, the difference? One costs 7€ and the other 17€!

I’m not going to say more, or it may seems like this is an ad (which is not), I just wanted to let you know what are my currently favorite Dove products and why I love them so much!

Let me know what’s your favorite Dove product, in the comments.


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