Things to do at home – Organize and declutter

Hello beauties,

Unfortunately in Europe we are entering in the second lockdown, and with that we need to spare the time at home with useful things.

One thing that I had in my list for a really long time was organize my makeup space. You can see in the image that it doesn’t look too good, right? It needs organization, maybe throwing away what’s old and it’s not used and after that I can see some space that can be replaced with some new products, who knows!? (Like I needed a excuse to buy makeup, right?!)

I needed to see the samples that I have, to see the if they are out of date and also to start using it. I forget that I have so many samples, and some of them I really want to try.

Now let’s start…

First Step

Take everything of the place to clean;

Second Step

Organize the boxes, in this case I started with the samples, because is one of the main reasons of why I started doing this declutter, and also the step that is most complicated and would take me more time.

Of course I was doing this while watching Riverdale (I’m a little late in this series, but I’m enjoying it)

Third Step

Divide the samples by function. I did piles for serums, day cream, night cream, eye cream, body, cleansers, makeup, perfumes, and others.

Then I decided what I want to try and have finally some organization!

Fourth Step

I have a lot of foundations, but I don’t use all at the same time. Some are too dark for this time of the year so I call them Summer foundations and others are already over but I keep the bottles to know my exactly color when I want to buy them again.

Fifth step

it’s time to see my eyeshadow palettes. Organizing them made me realize that this year I didn’t buy almost none. Maybe it was due to the pandemic or what was launched this year didn’t catch my eye?! I need to figure it out. What is your favorite 2020 eye palette?

Six Step

Finally I was almost at the end. The six step was the time too start organizing the stuff and put things into place.

And voilá, everything is into place and much more organized. I can see what I have and what I need.

One thing that I realized is that I need to buy more lipstick/lipglosses organizers. The ones I have are full.

So, what do you think of my organization? Did I made a good job?



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