NEW! Yves Rocher Radiance Revealing Antipollution 10H Foundation

Hello beauties,

You know that when there’s a new Yves Rocher Foundation I have to try! Why? Because I’m still looking for the perfect YR foundation for my skin. I tried every foundation, but there’s always something that bothers me. So today’s post is about the New Yves Rocher radiance Revealing Antipollution Foundation.

This foundation is available in 30 shades, from roses, beiges, dorés and brunes. It goes from the 000.Rose (which is almost white) to 600.Brun. Let me just tell you that when it comes to dark skins I’m not the most knowledgeable, my skin is very light and I only can say state that I never saw so many dark shades in a YR foundation, so based on that, I have to say that the rage is not too bad.

It promises to unify the skin while revealing its light for 10 hours! The fine and fluid texture will unify the skin surface leaving the complexion less dull, fresher, and more radiant day after day.

How to use:

For light coverage, add some foundation on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, then blend it from the middle to the outward and downwards, towards the neck with the help of a brush or a Beautyblender.

For higher coverage, repeat the application.


  • 86% of ingredients of natural origin.
  • No alcohol.
  • Vegan formula, without animal ingredients.
  • Reduced percentage of silicone.
  • Non-comedogenic formula.
  • Recyclable glass bottle. Cardboard outer box produced in sustainably managed forests.
No makeup
with 200.Beige
After 8 hours

My Opinion…

As we say in every post about a Yves Rocher product, we love their philosophy. The fact that’s a natural formula without animal tests/ingredients is amazing and, how they care for nature is another vantage of buying a YR product.

I like the formula. It’s a light texture and very fluid making it very easy to blend and giving the finish a natural look. I bought a shade too dark for me, 200. beige, I think I’m more a 100.Rose because with 200. beige, I look like a Humpa Lumpa Ahah

Although I didn’t like the color, I have to say that I like the finish! The skin looked good, radiant, without looking oily.

I used it on a Sunday, I didn’t leave home, and it was not a hot day. I’m saying this because after seven/eight hours, I went to take it off, and in the pictures, it looks easy to notice that on some places of the skin, there’s no foundation left. While on others, the foundation still looks decent. In its defense, I didn’t use any powder to set it.

I think that on the skin less oily than mine and with a good powder, this foundation can yes have a duration of 10 hours! But I don’t promise a look so radiant if you use powder.

Now, the price… a bottle with 30 ml costs 24.95€ but in promotion is 19,95€ (don’t worry YR has promotions all year).

Note – this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link.


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