Everything you need to know about Black Friday! Plus some tips.

Hello beauties,

This year, Black Friday is on Nov.27 – the last Friday before December, as always. But here is the twist – Black Friday deals have been going on since the beginning of the month. If this is not enough for making the day less important, understand that we are still in the middle of a Pandemic, making it impossible to go from store to store and see the best deals.

So this year, the secret and solution are to buy everything online. But it can be a little overwhelming because we never know when or where will be the best deals.

It’s really difficult to know when it’s the best time, because we are being bombed with new emails every day!

In theory, sales and price drops will pick up on the weekend of Nov. 20-22. but it’s difficult to say this because today a store can make the best deal and if you decide to wait, you’ll lose the best price.

The secret is to pull through the memory and try to remember/know what was the promotion of last year. For example, I remember that Zara does a promotion of 20% in the entire store on Black Friday. So I know if during this week they make a 25% promotion (I don’t believe it), this will be the best day for shopping.

There are some tips that we like to give you every year, and this year won’t be much different:

1. Avoid crowded areas and long lines in stores

Stay at home, be cozy on your sofa, and enjoy the experience of buying a great deal. Don’t rush to the store, remember that we are in the middle of a pandemic, and the best for you and your family is to be safe.

2. Be early and get what you want

Yes, this is a tip that is against some things that we said. But what we want to say is that if you are in love with a coat, think about it and see if the risk of waiting for Black Friday is the best. Sometimes it’s best to enjoy a promotion of 20% instead of waiting for the 50% promotion (that it’s not certain), and in the end, you can lose the 20% and the coat.

3. Online deals are as good

Again this is something that we already talked about it. We are in a pandemic, and many stores are making even better online deals just to avoid lines in the stores. Don’t forget to subscribe to the stores so you can receive every promotional code and to always know the deal of the day. (You can always unsubscribe later).

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