#Itried: a Makeup brushes Cleaner & Dryer

Hello Beauties,

I always had a huge curiosity to see how a makeup brushes cleanser work but never bought it until now.

The first time that I opened the box I was a little intrigued and afraid that it would damage my brushes but I went for it.

The box brings:

  • an bowl;
  • a set of applicators;
  • two pieces to insert the applicator on the machine;
  • a place to put the applicators with the brushes;
  • the actual machine.

Mode of use

It’s actual super easy but for me as one “pressure point”

  1. Choose the right applicator for the brush. This, for me is the more tricky point – there’s different sizes of applicators and the brush needs to stay fix so it can be a mess and might not work. I had some difficulty trying to taking off the applicator on some brushes, but when it comes to apply it I didn’t had any problem. Lol.
  2. Insert the piece in the applicator and then in the machine
  3. Add some detergent on the bowl (only a few drops).
  4. Put water in the bowl. It need to be in the middle of the brush strands;
  5. Put the brush inside the bowl and press the botton;
  6. It will start doing circles;
  7. When you think it’s done, remove the brush from the water without removing it from the bowl;
  8. And it’s done!

My thoughts…

I was surprised.

First I was astonished how it worked. It’s like magic seeing the brush on circles and then when you take it off, it looks like a fan. I bet it on summer it’s good to put in front of the face.

The pencils were well cleaned. The degree of clean it will depend on the times you put on the cleansing water.

It dries 100% the brushes. You can use them right away.

I absolutely approve this machine, and it will help me a lot. I will have my brushes cleaner in the future.

There are many brands on the market, I will share with you some links and the prices if you want to buy and try it.

Macy´s – $40

Amazon.com – $89,98

LookFantastic – 45,45€

Stylideas.uk – £19,99

Have you ever tried this type of advices?

tell me your thoughts


e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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